Egg for Skin Care

egg white for sagging skinEgg, a true nourishing ingredient that not only provides a high protein supplement to the body but also do wonders to the skin when applied externally! In fact there is scientific evidence which proves egg whites can give a temporary relief to the pores and make it look smaller and thus tighten up the skin. Also there are many cosmetics companies who are opting for this very special ingredient in their skin creams and skin lotions to nurture the dull and sagging skin. Through this article is more about the properties of egg in respect to skin care, its uses and its various skin benefits that can set the skin just right!


Benefits of Egg for Skin Care:
  • Anti ageing element: When we age, the collagen, the membranes that supports the internal organs including the blood vessels, bones and ligaments, breaks down and gives a thinner and less elastic skin. Regular consumption of egg due to high sulfur component helps in natural boost of collagen, which in turn leads to a strong supportive tissues and a healthy younger looking skin.
  •  Egg oil in creams for treatment of various skin diseases: Many countries have been adopting egg oil as a traditional medicine to treat against burns, eczema, dermatitis, skin ulcers, ring worms etc. This oil is extracted from the yolk of the eggs. This oil has also been used by many cosmetic companies in their skin creams and lotions.
  • Anti acne:  Since eggs are rich in Vitamin B2, it can be a stress reliever and thus reduce the acne formation whose main cause of occurrence is stress. Egg white when used as a face mask help to soften the skin, shrink up the open pores, and soaks off the excess oil production in the skin.


How to Use Egg for Skin Care?
  • Apply a thin film of beaten white egg under the eyes to get temporary rid of puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes before any make up.
  • Mix whipped egg yolks with water and use it as a cleanser for a moisturized and younger looking skin.
  • Apply egg white all over the face and the neck to give a temporary face lift to the skin.


Some Effective Egg Facial Masks
  • For oily skin: Mix beaten egg white and 1 tbsp of oatmeal to firm up and reduce the excess oil on the skin. You can also use bananas, honey or vinegar instead of oatmeal for a temporary face lift.
  • For dry skin: Apply a mixture of a beaten egg yolk, 1 tsp lemon juice and I tbsp of pure olive oil on the skin to reduce dryness and impart a glowing skin.
  • For tanned /blemished skin: Mix 1 egg white (Beaten) with a tsp of honey & tsp of olive oil to improve the skin tone & to wipe off the skin blemishes.

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