Effective Uses and Benefits of Neem Oil for Skin

neem oil for skinNeem, popularly termed as “village pharmacy” for its magical therapeutic properties,  has been used to treat common health ailments since ancient times. Each part of the tree like leaves, bark, seeds, roots, etc has antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-fungal properties which  makes it an effective solution to fight the germs and bacteria. Along with multitudes of other benefits, neem oil, extract of neem seeds, is immensely effective in treating skin problems and hence used in many natural skin and hair care products. Lets have a look to some amazing skincare benefits of neem oil and how could you use it to treat your skin problems like acne, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.


Usage Tips & Benefits of Neem Oil for Skin

1. Neem Oil Fights Acne

Does neem oil really helps treat acne? Yes. the antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of neem oil makes it an effective treatment to treat the acne faster. After cleansing the face, take a few drops of neem oil on finger tips and gently rub on acne before going to bed. It not only clears the acne but also prevents further occurrence as it soothes the inflammation and remove bacteria from the skin surface reducing the further break-outs.


2. Removes Scar Marks

If you are just pissed off with your scars, neem oil is a wonderful solution. Dip a cotton ball in the neem oil and apply on the scars. Leave it overnight and wash it with cold water in the morning. Regular application of neem oil will force the scar to disappear from your skin.


3. Deals with Skin Dryness

The moisture of the air leaves the skin dry and damaged. The skin needs to be moisturized and hydrated on regular basis. Neem seed oil is a natural moisturizer and can nourish your skin pores from the roots. If you are facing freckles and uneven skin tone, apply neem seed oil on your skin on regular basis. This oil will remove your skin dryness problem and will give you a soft supple skin.


4. Removes Hyperpigmentation

Overproduction of melanin on certain areas of skin results in hyperpigmentation. Neem oil helps to slow the melanin production, thereby imparting spotless fair skin. The pigmentation marks can be dealt by regular application of neem oil. Take few drops of neem oil in your palm and apply gently on affected areas of your face. Massage it slowly in circular motions and leave it overnight. Rinse it off in the morning. Your skin will be soft and fair with even skin tone after few days.


5. Cures Fungal Infections

Ring worms, atheletes foot and nail fungus are some of the fungal infections that are generally stubborn and difficult to deal with. Since neem is an antifungal agent which directly attacks these infections and cures them in a short span of time, using neem oil is an effective way to treat fungal infections. It has compounds named as gedunin and nimbidol which fights with the fungi and cures the infections from the roots. The research says that neem can fight with 14 different cultures of fungi.


6. Protects from Skin Ageing

Who wouldn’t love to be forever young?  If there was a miracle that would prevent skin from ageing, all the women (and certainly men too!) would have opted for it. The antioxidant properties of Neem makes skin look younger and healthy. Carotenoids which is a compound present in Neem fights with free radicals which are associated with ageing. Neem oil has vitamins and fatty acids that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin cells. Apply neem oil on your skin everyday to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Here you can find some neem facial masks.


Neem oil is easily available at medical stores or can be bought online on an affordable price. Include it in your cosmetics so next time when you get an acne break out or face a fungal infection, you can deal with it happily.

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