Effective home remedies for toothache

If you ever had a toothache then you must know the pain and misery it causes. Even in a greater extent of hunger you don’t want to eat anything, you don’t want to talk to anyone, the only thing you want is the pain to be gone. Mostly it is caused by bacteria that thrive on sugary and starchy food stuck on your teeth and gums, and these bacteria produce acids which damage your teeth and eventually develop cavities. The best option in this condition is to go visit a dentist but what if you don’t have a quick access to a dentist? And sometimes it does not leave you to bear the pain till you reach to your dentist, and what if it happens in the middle of night? It is not unusual though! So knowing some home remedies can help you in this condition and give you relief from the misery of toothache.


Home Remedies for Toothache

Home Remedies for Toothache (Image: 123RF.com)

Home Remedies for Toothache

Cloves for Toothache1. Cloves for toothache – Clove is the magical spice which should be found in your kitchen if you or your family member is prone to toothaches. Take a clove and put next to your ached tooth, you can chew it slightly to extract its juice. Let it remain there and you should start feel better after few minutes.  Clove Oil, an essential oil extracted from clove plant is another effective remedy for toothache caused by bacteria. Soak a little piece of cotton in the oil and apply on the tooth.


2. Asafoetida or Hing for Toothache – Besides its culinary uses and many health benefits for digestive system, hing is traditionally well known for its effectiveness in curing a toothache. Mix a little hing powder with lemon juice and apply on the ached tooth. Similarly place a cotton ball soaked in the paste, to get a quick relief from the pain. Check more health benefits of Asafoetida


3. Garlic for toothache – Along with other health benefits of garlic, it is very effective in toothache too. Chew on a garlic clove or place one against your ached tooth and let it remain there. The antibacterial properties of garlic helps to kill the bacteria instigate the toothache. However antibacterial things can not relieve the pain.


4. Guava Leaves for Toothache – Guava leaves have anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and pain relieving properties, effective in curing bleeding gums and reducing bad breath, along with relieving toothache. Chewing on few fresh guava leaves helps to alleviate the toothache pain quickly.


5. Tea Bag – The pain caused by infected tooth can be relieved by a tea bag. Place a tea bag in a cup and pour hot water into it. Pull it out and cool down a little and squeeze, then put in your mouth to hold on the affected tooth. After few minutes it should start to reduce the feeling of the pain.


Turmeric Powder for Toothache6. Turmeric – The active ingredient in turmeric – curcumin has antibacterial, antiseptic, and pain relieving properties. Form a paste by mixing a little of turmeric powder into water, and apply gently around the affected tooth. Alternatively place a small cotton ball soaked in the paste on the tooth.


7. Salt Water – Another tested home remedy for toothache is warm water with table salt. Mix one or two teaspoon of table salt in a glass of lukewarm water and let it be dissolved properly. Take a swig of it and swish it around your mouth for a minute before you spit it out. Repeat this until the whole glass of water is finished. This will help reduce swelling and kill the bacteria giving a relief of the pain.


8. Alcohol for Toothache – Putting a little alcohol on infected teeth helps to kill the bacteria. Douse a cotton ball into a strong alcohol like Whiskey or Brandy and place it around the area of the tooth pain. Let it sit there until you reach to a doctor.


In unexpected health troubles like toothache, it is always good to know some home treatments to feel less miserable when you don’t have a quick access to pharmacy or a doctor. The above mentioned home remedies are tested and being used as a traditional medicine for toothache since ages but they are only meant to give you a temporary relief. So if you have a toothache, try them, but do not forget to make an appointment to see your doctor later. A proper diagnosis and consultation will ensure the exploration of exact cause and a proper treatment of the toothache.

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