Drinking this natural juice can help relieve constipation! Must Try!

Do you usually suffer from constipation? Is it annoying you that much? Or you are not comfortable talking about it? If that so, do not worry because you are not the only one. This condition is a usual problem that actually affects a huge number of people in the entire world, even though the causes and symptoms that is has may be different from the other.

Prune Juice as a Remedy for Constipation:

You have been informed about how does a prune juice becomes an effective remedy that can be used for constipation. It has been found a lot better than the modern laxatives. The past generations have valued it as a home remedy that acts wonderfully on the digestive system. In the past few years, its effectiveness as a treatment and preventive measure for this kind of situation has been scientifically proven too. It is no doubt why it has become one of the most recommended natural remedy for constipation.

You don’t have to go through painful bowel movements any longer when you already have prune juice. Just let the fiber, phenolic compounds and sugar that it has help you in giving a soothing feeling. As mentioned earlier, begin at a slow pace so that you can actually find out the right amount that will effectively work for you. With prune juice and some lifestyle changes, you can completely remove this problem as well preventing it from happening again. Keep in your mind that you need to consume a healthy and balanced diet that is packed with fiber and also drink a lot of fluids.

Even though prune juice is not the most delicious juice in the entire world, you cannot ignore it if you are suffering from constipation. If doesn’t want to take some OTC or prescribed laxatives and medications, this will be the best option. With this

How to Use Prune Juice for Constipation:

  • Prune Juice and Apple Juice

This one is an extremely effective remedy for those individual who suffers from chronic constipation of doesn’t had a bowel movement for about 2 to 3 days. All you have to do is to consume at least 2 to 3 glasses of prune juice in the morning on an empty stomach. After half an hour, consume another glass of apple juice. In general, this is actually enough to start a bowel movement even though you are suffering from a severe case of constipation. Consume a glass of apple juice an hour after the first glass in order to help in cleansing out your bowels properly as well as making sure that they are functioning as they should.

  • Prune Juice and Oat Milk

This is another effective way to prevent constipation for good. All you have to do is to combine half glass of prune juice with the same amount of oat milk together. Consume this mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not even consume a glass of water before taking up this drink. After a few days, you will find out that your bowel movement will be much easier and less painful.

The amount of prune juice that needs to be consuming in order to relief constipation differs from one person to another because not everyone responds to dietary changes in the same way. You may have to do some experimentation with this juice in order to find the best quantity that will help you in finding relief from constipation. Experts have suggested that you should start at one third of cup. Wait for at least 2 hours to see if it takes effect. If it does not, drink another same amount and wait for at least 2 hours again. Just continue to consume this juice for every 2 hours until it actually works. In this way, you will be able to find out if how many cups of prune juice are what you needed on a daily basis for painless bowel movements.

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