Drinking this before bed will help you remove fat and toxins from your body! Must Read!

Binge eating is a total bliss. You can just pick whatever food you like or crave for and just dive into it. The pleasure of savoring all the flavors that food has to offer, eating can really be an addiction.

The consequence of devouring food is fats. The accumulation of glucose in the body (glucose is almost always present in every food we eat, even at very minute amounts) cannot be utilized all at the same time but our body doesn’t want it to be put to waste. It has two mechanism of saving glucose and prevent it from being excreted, either it gets stored in the liver or transformed into fat.

Normally, it gets stored in the liver as “glycogen”. Glycogen is the form of glucose in the liver; it gets activated and transformed back into glucose whenever the body needs it. It is the helpful storage form in cases of emergency.

However, the liver is also storage for iron, bilirubin and many more. So it cannot really store in all of the glucose inside, so what happens is that it is transformed into fat for future use. Another form of glucose storage, however, it is harder to be broken down, thus the difficulty of doing strenuous exercises to get rid of all the fats. This is the mechanism of diet and exercise.

But why not speed up the process? This homemade remedy can surely speed up your fat metabolism!

Here’s what you need:

– Half a liter of water
– A teaspoon of Cinnamon powder (or 1 cinnamon stick)
– 1 teaspoon of vinegar
– 1 lemon
– A generous amount of parsley

How to prepare it:

Just blend everything together until you get yourself a smooth texture of a juice. You can drink this every night or choose this to accompany your thirst whenever you work out.

Parsley Health Benefits:

Parsley is a characteristic diuretic which can battle kidney and bladder diseases and will diminish the uric corrosive development in your body. The herb contains basic oils and cell reinforcements which can avert malignancy development and battle push. Parsley is likewise a mitigating operator that will decrease the irritation in your body.

What’s more, its medical advantages don’t stop there – by biting the herb you can dispose of awful breath, and expending it routinely in soups and servings of mixed greens will clean your blood of poisons.

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