Your partner don’t want to make love with you? Here are the reasons!

Making love is the most exciting thing that married couples do. It makes their relationship healthy and strong. However, as time passes by, some things tend to change and even their interest in lovemaking tends to decrease. The “interest” to make love is called libido, and this tends to fluctuate over time.

According to Dr. Lulu Marquez on her show “Private Nights” on DZMM Teleradyo’s, there are reasons why a person’s libido decreases. These reasons are either physical or psychological. She also gave 12 reasons:

1. Sleeping with your kids in a room
2. Drinking birth control pills
3. Drinking medicines or if you are under medication
4. Menopausal
5. Injuries, inflammation, or tumors in the testicles of males that causes testosterone deficiency
6. Lack of sleep
7. Hormonal imbalance
8. Alcoholism
9. Obesity
10. Chronic stress
11. Depression or anxiety
12. Having a poor body image

However, there are many ways to increase your libido. Here are some of the natural ways to perk it up, according to

1. Eating fruits like bananas, figs and avocados are known to boost your libido or called as aphrodisiacs. Aside of being a libido boosters, these also promote healthy lovemaking life as they consist of vitamins and mineral which increase the blood flow in our body.

2. Indulging in chocolate will help you increase your libido. Because of the serotonin and phenylethylamine which chocolates has, eating chocolate lifts a person’s mood, making him or her more inclined to lovemaking.

3. If you’re a man and you experience erectile dysfunction, better take your herbs. Basil’s scent will “stimulate the senses” and garlic will increase the blood flow because of allicin.

4. Boosting your self-confidence can also help in increasing your libido. If you feel good about yourself, your sex drive is more likely to be up at par.

5. A glass of wine will also help. However, too much or alcohol may decrease the chance to reach the climax, so drink moderately.

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