Painting can be the Source of Inspiration of the Famished Mind and Soul


Representation of the inner thoughts, and expressions of the mind often comes out as a form of art, and when the expression comes out on white canvas with splashes of colors, you can call it painting. The emotions of the painter is shown on the canvas in a different form and so you will find that there are different forms of painting that gives expression of the thought process of different artist in a different way. The Different Types of Paintings that have enriched the viewers are from different people. The paintings are sometimes abstract, and sometimes a portrait.


Different Types of Paintings

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You will also find landscapes and simple sketching with pencils. There are different mediums that you can get the painting from. The medium can be simple water color or it can also be the crayons or oil pastels. Whatever the medium or the mode of expression can be, the main thing is the way you can interpret the painting when you see it. The painting gives different feeling when you look at them and this makes them so special. The artists start out with basics of drawing, and they draw anything on the paper with strokes of pencils. The medium of strokes can also be charcoal or ink. Charcoal can be a good medium to bring out the contours, and the shading of the drawing can give the depth of the sketch with the charcoals.


Pastels, oil paints and water colors are the basic mode of paintings

The pastels are another mode of painting, and you will often find that the results of the painting come out in various ways. The pastels are colors that come in three types, and they are the soft pastels and the hard pastels and the pastel pencils. The widely used mode is the soft pastels as it has fewer binders. The portion of pigments is also high in this pencil. The hard pastels are rich in binders and low on pigments. The pencils called pastel pencils are headed with pastel mouth.


The oil paintings are another medium that are very popular with the painters, and it is a slow drying mode for the pigments that are suspended in the oil. The medium takes long to dry, and the painting takes a long time to complete for this reason. The medium allows the color blending in a superb way and so the different painters find the mode to be the basic one in which to express their thoughts. The oil paints also give vivid range of colors and a natural sheen to the shades that are produced by the mode. The painting also brings out a translucency for the viewers for making portrait as the human skin comes out the best with this mode.


Water color is another medium of painting, and in these colors the pigment are suspended and are soluble in water. The mode had started in the Paleolithic period, in the cave paintings, and it was also seen in the manuscript paintings. Now these colors are used in the painting that mostly expresses the abstract thoughts of the artists. The color consists of colorant that is the pigment and is most important part of the color. The binder is the part that holds on to the pigment that is suspended in the water color and fixes the pigments on the different painting surfaces. The solvent that is used to thinning the color is another important part, and it evaporates to bring the glow in the painting.


Abstract painting brings out the complex thought process

There are different types of paintings, and abstract painting is one that is taken up by many artists to give out expression to the complexities of the thought process. They are not conventional and are not about people, settings or objects. These paintings give way to profusion of colors in different shapes and abundance to reflect their statements and ideas. The painting started in the nineteenth century and is used till today. The description of such painting was found in the futurist movements and the cubist types of painting genre. These will be the ones that describe the subject in a different light.


Expressionism is a depiction of art and literature

This is a form of painting that gives expression to the works of music, literature and even movies. They are used to depict the other paintings and various form of art. These paintings are artistically of very high quality and gives off a rich, emotional expression, and response from the painters. The emotional responses that are often shown by the painter are towards the field of negative emotions like anger, fear and hatred. These emotions are the inner most thought of the painter and the one who views them can feel the fire or the warmth of emotions from the canvas.


There are other forms of paintings that you will find when you are trying to get a complete idea of the different types of paintings. These painters use the medium for the work of art for the society and enrich the society at all ages. The painters have given the society different medium of paintings for the visual bliss of the viewers. The different types of painting can bring in huge benefits for the new artists who get enriched when they try to follow the type and the mode of the great artists. The people who get to see these paintings find them to be a source of giving artistic food to the craving soul and famished mind to become happy and enriched.

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