Difference between a Blu-ray and a DVD disk

Blu-ray and DVD are two different types of optical disk drives of nearly same sizes and different storage capacities. A single layer of Blu-ray disc can hold 27 gigabytes of data where a DVD disc identical to this can hold approximately 4.7 gigabytes of data. DVD technology, commercially released in late 1990’s, had revolutionized data storage. The technology used in this type of optical disks is well known for its capability to ensure continuous and reliable data storage while withstanding the scratches. DVD was less efficient compared to other existing technologies however it has been accepted worldwide based on the overall performance. DVDs are widely used in both movie industry as well as computer industry even today. This is still the main performer which holds the majority of today’s video market and there are many computers that use DVD drives. Even today DVD drives are in the topmost list of drives that are sold as peripherals. Blu-ray is an entirely different technology in optical disk storage. Blu-ray uses a different layer that is not  present in DVD technology. Blu-ray technology is able to write data with high precision, fitting more data on to the disc by utilizing the short-wavelength of a blue – violet laser. The Blu-ray disks have capacity to fit double the data on the disc than the DVD drives. Another feature of Blu-ray disks is backward compatibility. Many of the Blu-ray disk drives are capable of read and write to and from DVD as well as Blu-ray disks.


DVDDVD an acronym for Digital Video Disk which was the nail in the coffin for the video formats available. These types of disks are well known for its high volume in storage provisioning. A DVD has two available formats – 4.7 GB and 17 GB. Both of these sizes provide as much space that can store multiple movies that are really an entertainment. DVDs used to come up with data already stored in it and also it can be used as a recording medium. There are two formats available for a DVD, the DVD-R and the DVD-RW. A DVD-R is where you can record data to the disk only once and DVD-RW is where the data recording can be done multiple times. Blu-ray disks are the ultimate development in the storage of audio and visual data. These disks won’t differ from a DVD in their appearance, as they are small round and portable disks that carry data. A Blu-ray disk provides the user with an ultimate 1920×1080 resolution, which is an extremely high level HDTV that is currently unequalled in its vision. If you wish to play the new Blu-ray disk, the DVD player needs to be upgraded to a Blu-ray player. An original DVD won’t run on a Blu-ray player as they use entirely different lasers to read data. The data layer on the Blu-ray disk is placed very close to the lens than that of a red laser DVD disk. Blu-ray disks can store around 50 GB of data which more than double the amount of data that can be stored in its counterpart.


The Blu-ray and DVD disks differ from each other on the below factors.

  • Cost – This is one of the most important differences between a Blu-ray and a DVD disc. The cost of Blu-ray disc is double the amount as that of a DVD disc. However, experts think that the Blu-ray discs will be much cheaper in future as recession had a high impact on the disc sales. The high cost is the main factor that makes Blu-day discs as of now.


  • Storage – A single layer DVD can store 4.7 GB of data and the dual layer DVDs stores 8.7 GB. Also, the dual layer DVDs are capable of storing movies that run for almost four hours. A Single layer Blu-ray disc is able to store up to 25 GB of data, which is more than enough for one season of a TV show. Dual layer Blu-ray discs can store up to 50 GB of data so that movie trilogies can be stored in a single dual layer Blu-ray disc.


  • Resolution – Blu-ray discs are well known for their image resolution capability which is always better than DVDs. Blu-ray disc has 1080 pixels of high defined resolution. A Blu-ray disc played in a standard tube television will use all pixels on the screen in order to allow the viewers have a good time watching the movie. If you really wish to watch a movie in high resolution then you can definitely go for a Blu-ray disc.Even the normal DVD can be used to store movies, but it cannot be used to store a high resolution full length version of that movie.


  • Compatibility – One of the problems that the viewers may complain about a Blu-ray disc is that it is not compatible with your existing DVD player and also it cannot be played on most of the laptops. The Laptops need to be well equipped with a Blu-ray reader before you could play a Blu-ray disc. However, you can play a regular DVD disc in a Blu-ray player.


All these are the main difference between a Blu-ray disc and a DVD.You may opt for a Blu-ray version of any movie that you loved so much. But if you are some thinks about the price than the high image resolution then you can choose a DVD version of that movie.

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