Dangerous reasons why never eat instant noodles and drink soda at the same time

A lot of people are saying that life is too short to be wasted on doing some diet, instead, a person should be able to taste all of the food that life has to offer may it be healthy or not, may be it be good for you or not, as long as it satisfies your taste buds and it makes you happy, as well.

Some people may actually agree with this kind of thinking, but after reading this story that we will be sharing to you, you might eventually change your mind afterwards. A young man who suffered from severe stomach ache after treating himself into a not so healthy variety of food or the so called YOLO, which means You Only Live Once thinking will probably change the way you see things from now on and you will be able to begin having a healthy diet and consuming the right food for you.

Food supporters will usually say that food is part of their life and they can never live without it, true enough because food is one of the main factors that people really need in order to keep a person a live. It is a necessity that needs to be given. With the help of the changes that happened to the world, the combinations of food have developed the lives of each individual and eating has become more and more exciting.

Nonetheless, it also have been known that not all of the combinations of the food contains a good effect on the health of the body because some of them can actually result to a severe and serious harm that may lead to major pain or even worse, unexpected death.

There is a story that happened to a 25 year old man, who was called Xia Chao that came from Hangzhou China whose life changing story went viral on social media just like Facebook and twitter.

According to some of the reports, one day, Chao complained about suffering from a severe stomach pain and he felt that he needs to be rushed to the hospital as soon as possible.

Chao told the doctors what he really feels that aside from the unexplainable stomach pain that he is experiencing at that time, he is also feeling the tenderness in some parts of his body, which includes his shoulders, waist and back.

In the beginning, the doctors did not know and identified the real reason as to why Chao is feeling this kind of things, so he just waited to be given a pain killer and he was told to go back to the hospital if the symptoms happen again.

Upon going back home, the pain that Chao felt gets even worst so he went back to the hospital and for this time, doctors executed an X-ray examination on his aching stomach in order to know and to find out the real reason as to why he is suffering from this severe abdominal pain.

Doctors have eventually discovered that the unbearable pain that Chao is suffering from was actually caused by too much gas in his stomach. Doctors needed to insert a tube inside his stomach in order to get rid the excessive gas that it has. Fortunately, the operation was a successful one and the condition that Chao has become stable.

As time goes by, the doctors have discovered that the too much gas on his stomach was due to the instant noodles that he has eaten together with the carbonated drink that he consumed the night before it felt it. Ingesting them right before he finally go to sleep makes the condition even worst because the combination resulted to a large formation of carbon dioxide inside his stomach that makes the digestion process fail.

In order to further understand the effect that eating an instant noodles and carbonated drink combination has for the stomach, an experiment was made in which both of these foods has been placed in a zip lock bag. After a few minutes, a form of carbon dioxide has been visible because the instant noodles soup high sodium content that reacted more with the molecules that creates the gas.

Experiencing this kind of unbearable is not what most of people wanted to feel. We do not want to experience this kind of situation where you will be needed to rush to the hospital and pay a huge amount of money due to an unhealthy food that you have though is good to be eaten. A lot of people are being deceived with these foods that look so good but hide negative effects afterwards.

This is the reason as to why you should give a lot of careful in choosing the food that you just need to eat and foods that will give good effects for your health. It is the right time to become a picky eater when it comes to everything that will enter your mouth. Before it’s too late, train yourself to keep in your mind that both of fruits and vegetables are the one that is good for you and to stop consuming junk foods that will do you no good.

Spend most of your money in buying healthy foods that will help to make your life longer, make your body stronger and make you do things easier. Do not settle on less than you deserve. Treat yourself ones in a while because your body deserves it.

Nevertheless, this type of incident do not usually happen to every digestive system of a human, you just have to release that excessive amount of gas inside your tummy the next time that you will consume this kind of combination in order to avoid being bloated. Moreover, do not do it on the time that you are about to sleep because you are putting a lot of work for you digestion. Love your body even more because your health is the wealth that you will forever treasure.

Share this to your family and friends to make them safe from eating unnecessary and unhealthy food combinations.

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