Can Almonds Help You Lose Weight?

can eating almonds help you loose weight?

Can Almonds Help You Lose Weight?

Weight management calls for strict exercise regime, workouts and stringent diet plans, demanding abstinence from certain foods that might prevent you from attaining your goal. Nevertheless, the truth remains, that slight changes in diet is all that is required, to help you keep healthy, fit and in fabulous shape. For instance, most people on a weight loss strategy stay away from nuts… but do you know, that contrary to popular belief, almonds don’t just keep you radiantly beautiful and healthy but can also help attain an enviable figure that you dream of. Surprised! Wondering how this is possible? Then, just read on to know about almonds impact on weight loss.


Almonds for Weight Loss


Unsaturated Fats


Almonds, laden with rich protein and health unsaturated fatty acids, apart from stabilising cholesterol levels also help shape up.  Various studies opine that despite being high in calories and fats, almonds, which offer 170 calories per serving, do not get fully absorbed in the body. In the year 2013, according to a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, one ounce serving of almonds, recorded just 129 calories, which was 32% less than the assessment made in the past. However, the fact remains that taking a healthy diet, comprising of low calories offer fewer calories per serving, thus preventing weight gain.


Easily Satiable


It is also well known fact that a weak digestive system, with improper absorption of food, leads to fat deposits and excessive weight gain. Moreover, most people consume almonds with the skin peeled off, but do you know that the copious amounts of fibre, lying just beneath the slender layer of almond skin promote digestive health enabling regular bowel movements? This prevents certain digestive disorders like bloating, gastritis heartburn and acidity. In addition to all these benefits, almonds also keep you feeling satiated for prolonged periods, preventing the urge for frequent unhealthy snacking. So, for effective weight management, consume them without peeling away their skin.


Maintains BMI

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The mono saturated fats present in almonds, helps main perfect body weight levels, maintaining excellent BMI (Body Mass Index). Apart from this, the high protein and magnesium content available in almonds, build lean muscle mass, during workout, aiming particularly at the fat stored in the abdominal region. This aspect helps maintain healthy waist circumstance, for both men and women, in general. Furthermore, the magnesium element also helps control blood sugar levels and reduces hunger pangs preventing the urge for overeating.  The vitamin E antioxidant substance stimulates blood flow leading to effective contraction of muscles, which once again is ideal for weight management.


Research Based Evidence


One of the studies published by “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition”, in the year 2013 states that dieters who either included almonds as a snack or part of a meal, reported hunger curbs and consumed less calories at other meals, to compensate for the high fat and calorie content in almonds. Therefore, researchers suggest that taking a handful of almonds everyday eliminated the urge to snack on fat-filled unhealthy stuff loaded with empty calories, often leading to weight gain and obesity.




Despite the fact that almonds are considered nutritious, offering several benefits for health and weight loss, several expert nutritionists recommend consuming them in moderation, owing to their high calorie element. Therefore use caution while consuming them and remain healthy, beautiful and in perfect shape!

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