Healthy Vitamins to Prevent Premature Grey Hair

Although greying is a natural phenomenon, the process of greying prematurely is quite abnormal. A very common factor among teens and youth of today, reversing or eliminating the process of premature greying of hair is difficult.


Grey Hair Causes

Grey HairHair turns grey when there is a reduction in the quantity of stem cells in the hair follicles, known as melanocytes. These cells which determines the colour of the hair, become damaged or die away there is a change in colour, turning hair to grey.  Although most people are under the impression that their hair turns grey mainly due to genetic factors, this concept is partially wrong.  Other factors that cause premature grey hair include smoking, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle. Although genes determine the impetus of ageing, lack of proper nutrition is one of the major factors for hair turning grey at a young age. Hence, sufficient intake of vitamins offering vital nutrients reduces the speed of greying, improving colour and keeping the hair young for prolonged periods. [Also read: Home Remedies for Premature Hair Graying]


Anti Grey Vitamins

B vitamins Group helps prevent premature greying of hair and keeps hair healthy and shiny.

 Healthy Vitamins for Hair

Vitamin B5 for Premature Grey Hair

VitaminB5 otherwise known as pantothenic acid helps combat premature grey hair.  Food sources rich in vitamin B5 are brewer’s yeast whole grains and bread, organ meats, egg yolks, salmon fish,  chicken, duck, turkey, Cheese, Avocados, corn, cauliflower, kale, legumes, lentils, broccoli, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, sunflower seeds and wheat germ,.


Vitamin B6 for Premature Grey Hair

Vitamin B6 helps absorb adequate quantity of protein from food, providing the tresses with oxygen and the required nutrients. Correlated with oxygen and its absorption in blood, vitamin B6 also has a close link with haemoglobin, the major oxygen carrier in our body.  Taking four milligram of vitamin B6 everyday help regain hair colour and produce melanin in the body.  Excellent food sources of vitamin B6 are meat substitutes, fortified cereals and nuts, beans, whole grains, fish, soy products and chicken.


Vitamin B12 for Premature Grey Hair

Deficiencies in vitaminB12 are a prime factor for premature greying of hair.  People suffering from this deficiency in all probability have an underlying health disorder, which makes it impossible to absorb this vital vitamin.  Some of the conditions suggestive of this deficiency are irritable bowel syndrome hyperthyroidism and tapeworms.  Foods rich in Vitamin B-12 or supplements too help battle the greys. Excellent sources of vitaminB12 include spirulina, milk, eggs, fish and meat.


Para-Amino benzoic Acid (PABA)

PABA is one of the substances found in supplement for promoting hair health.  Furthermore, for improving hair colour including leafy green vegetables works wonders since they are loaded with this particular element known as PABA, which initiate folic acid, beneficial for hair.  Although they do not have the ability to turn grey hair to black, they provide a darker sheen to the existing hair.  The richest food source of PABA is liver, with kidney, whole grain and yeast being good sources.


Vitamin H (biotin) for Premature Grey Hair

Vitamin H often called biotin is another component of B complex.  A proven vitamin for excessive hair loss and fall, biotin also prevents hair from turning grey by producing keratin and strengthens the hair follicles.  Food sources of Vitamin H include kidney, yeast, milk, liver and egg yolks.

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