Top 5 Super Foods to Burn Fat and Keep You in Great Shape

Foods for weight lossWe have frequently heard that our food habits determine the way we look and feel.  All of us want to feel fit and look good which definitely acts as a morale and booster improving confidence.  Therefore, to attain this goal people spend fortunes on weight loss fads and slimming programs that yield poor results. Instead of depending on these gimmicks or resorting to starving just to stay fit, making slight changes in dietary plans works wonders.  Let us look at a few foods that help burn fat and keep you in good shape.


1) Lean Meats

lean meat: foods for weight lossLean meats comprising of extra lean beef, turkey, low fat hamburger, skinless chicken breast provides the required protein sans fat as is the case with other meats.  These proteins however make the necessary amino acids that help build muscles, vital for boosting metabolic rate in the body.  Furthermore, these foods impart a feeling of fullness, preventing a craving for unhealthy foods and curbs over eating.  


2) Fish

fish: foods for weight lossSalmon and sardines consisting of EPA and DHA, the omega3 fats in abundance, in addition, offer high levels of TEF (Thermic Effect protein).  Hence, due to their unique digestion process of protein, they increase insulin sensitivity building muscle mass, reducing waist size as they help reduce belly fat.  This results in burning more calories resulting in weight loss.  Beside these, they improve brain function, stabilise mood and regulates circulatory system.


3) Eggs

EggsEggs have found favour with nutritionists worldwide as they swear by the concentrated type of animal protein devoid of the additional fat that comes with meat.  Protein-packed eggs give a feeling of satiety, curtailing hunger and resisting the urge for taking high calorie foods during the day.  Moreover taking whole eggs for breakfast providing just 75 calories, help burn fat twice as much as carbohydrate laden breakfast foods.


4) Nuts

nuts: foods for weight lossMost nuts loaded with fibre contain monounsaturated fats that help keep cholesterol levels healthy.  Due to loads of fibre, nuts offers complete satiety providing that feeling of fullness and restricting hunger pangs and unhealthy eating.  Therefore various studies indicate that people frequently snacking on a handful nuts remain much slimmer compared to those who do not.  Yet, healthy nuts offering numerous health benefits are also fattening, therefore it is imperative to consume them in moderation. [Read more about the benefits of walnuts, peanuts, almonds]


5) Legumes

legumes: foods for weight lossFibre-rich foods such as legumes contain chlecystokinin, a digestive hormone, which work naturally well as an appetite suppressant.  This is because chlecystokinin with a low glycemic Index helps maintain food in the stomach for prolonged periods protecting build up of excessive fat around the abdomen by controlling sudden boost in blood sugar, which naturally curbs frequent hunger pangs.  What’s more, they are fat-free and filled with required nutrients to keep you in good shape and helps maintain optimum health.


Therefore, healthy eating does not mean sacrificing foods you like, instead eat right, exercise and get a good night’s sleep everyday to burn fat and lose weight.

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