Best Foods to Induce Sleep

Insomnia is an extremely common problem in the modern world. Therefore, most people resort to popping pills, thereby exposing themselves to increased health risks and complications. However, there are other healthy options for inducing quality sleep. For instance, certain foods consisting of naturally occurring compounds can naturally make you doze off. In this article, let us look at a few of the best available options for producing quality sleep.

 Foods for Better Sleep


Take a shake of banana with milk or you can also substitute milk with soy, just before going to bed to catch up on your beauty sleep. Loaded with magnesium and potassium, bananas hold tryptophan, an amino acid that effectively converts the brain neurotransmitters, serotonin. The fruit also stimulates melatonin, the brain hormone, which makes sleep possible. However, since tryptophan takes about half an hour to get in touch with the brain, it is better to take banana a little early.

 banana for weight loss


A rich source of protein and magnesium, almonds aid muscle relaxation and encourage sleep. The high protein content helps stabilize blood sugar levels, while asleep creating a perfect balance between sleep-wake cycles.



According to researchers at the Pennsylvania and Rochester University, consuming a glass of (tart) cherry juice, before going to bed prevents insomnia. This is mainly because cherries are a natural source of melatonin that helps induce sleep.


Dairy Products

It is a universally known fact that having a glass of warm milk at bedtime can provide quality sleep. However, the truth remains that dairy products like yogurt and cheese too help, due to their enormous calcium content that helps the brain to utilize tryptophan, existing in dairy, to produce melatonin. Besides this, calcium also helps reduce stress, neutralize nerve fibres making you feel completely relaxed.

 dairy products


A pre bedtime high protein snack like eggs enables a restful night’s snooze, apart from battling acid reflux. Unlike high carb foods, the protein in eggs will not crash down blood sugar levels, while asleep, and keep you awake after two or three o clock in the morning.



Decaf Green or Chamomile teas are very effective, since Green tea holds an amino acid, theanine that promotes sleep. According to Research, drinking a cup of Chamomile tea at bedtime makes you relax, as the beverage helps increase the glycine compounds that provide a mild sedative effect.

 Green tea for weight loss


According to a study by the American journal of clinical nutrition, having a bowl of rice, four hours prior to bedtime encourages sleep. Rice with high glycemic index enhances serotonin and tryptophan which can make  you sleep faster.



According to National Sleep Foundation, having a small cup of whole-wheat sugar free cereal before retiring to bed really helps. This is because the complex carbohydrates existing in cereals help enhance tryptophan in the bloodstream, inducing sleep. For desired benefits, top it with milk and cherries. The calcium in milk and carbohydrates from cereals, in addition to cherries/bananas make a great combo.



According to clinical nutritionists, a bowl of warm oatmeal is complete with all the required nutrients for sleep. Containing potassium, silicon, phosphorous, magnesium and most important of all calcium, this nutritious meal, sans sweeteners, taken with a dash of bananas or cherries does a world of good promoting sleep.


Take these foods and sleep well tonight. Goodnight!

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