Five Incredibly Healthy Ways Yoga Can Help Weight Loss

Yoga for Weight LossIn the hustle and bustle of the modern world, people belonging to different age groups and from all walks of life, suffer from an increased obesity epidemic, that requires long term solutions. However, in most cases, increased body weight could be suggestive of serious underlying problems, caused due to imbalances in the body. Besides addressing these issues, it is imperative to keep the body and mind healthy by taking a diet complete with essential nutrients. Nevertheless, to achieve the main goal of shedding that extra flab, the ancient practice of yoga as a science, props in as an effective tool for a total body-mind workout. Unlike aerobics, yoga is not strenuous and does not cause injuries. Yoga, besides improving stability and balance also promotes a strong and healthy body and mind. In this article, let us look at five healthy ways yoga can help balance the imbalances in the body, indirectly leading to weight loss.


Five Ways Yoga Helps Weight Loss

1) An Excellent Liver Detox

The liver is one of the vital organs in the body. It not only acts as an excellent body detox but also as an exceptional blood purifier. A healthy liver eliminates the unhealthy fats and helps produce good fats by storing glucose, promoting energy and stimulating coenzyme Q10 that strengthens the muscles. Therefore, practising Dhanurasana (bow pose), Bhujangasana (cobra pose), Chakrasana (wheel pose) and Matsyendrasana (spinal twist) keeps the liver pure and healthy.


2) Stimulates the Thyroid Gland

The body weight depends a lot upon thyroid activity, as the thyroid hormone controls metabolism. People with low thyroid stimulation gain weight due to a condition known as hypothyroidism. Nevertheless, yogasanas like Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) and Matsyasana (fish pose) help a great deal to stimulate the thyroid glands and maintain optimal levels of weight.


3) Promotes Healthy Nervous System

Stress is one of the major contributing factors for excess body weight. Due to faulty lifestyle habits, the nervous system undergoes a great deal of strain, triggering a set of chain reactions throughout the body. Striking the right balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system keeps the body and mind relaxed. Through relaxation techniques, relieve stress and weight loss occurs naturally. Savasana (corpse pose) and Viparita Karani (legs up the wall) act as stress busters and promotes healthy nervous system.


4) Stimulates Internal Heat

According to the ancient principles of yogis, generating heat and warmth in the body helps burn out the visceral and subcutaneous (deep and superficial) fats. The best way to achieve this is through Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) and Anjaneyasana (lunge) which requires bending the head forward, bringing the chin onto the chest level. This stretches the femoral nerve and the nerves in the spinal cord.


5) Stabilises pH Factors

A low pH (acidic) is another factor leading to excess weight. This low factor makes the body safeguard against the alkaline through storage and accumulation of fats. This proves hazardous as the visceral fat existing within the blood vessels and the organs gets collected often leading to narrowed arterial veins. This disables smooth blood flow throughout the body resulting in arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. Paschimottanasana (seated forward bend) and Janushirasana (head to knee pose) prove extremely effective to restore normal pH factors in the body, improving blood circulation.


Remember that regular practise of yoga requires expert guidance. Combined with a right diet, it relieves the mind and bodily imbalances restoring good health and enabling effective weight loss.

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