Rise & Shine Morning Larks

“It is well to be up before daybreak, for such habits contribute to health, wealth, and wisdom.”  Aristotle


Gone are the days of the Barter System, when people exchanged goods, instead of actually paying a price. However, in the present world all things, expensive or inexpensive, come with a price tag attached. With the advent of modern technology, in exchange for a lucrative job, carrying a fat pay scale and some extra perks, what that most people pay is a very heavy price- sleep. While the whole world is asleep, some techies are busy at their computers, working all night, catching up on some precious lost sleep, during the daytime. This besides changing their natural biological clocks causes sleep deprivation. However, all said and done nothing better than enjoying the luxury of seven to eight hours peaceful sleep at night. As Benjamin Franklin rightly said “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”. With health, everything else falls into place naturally, and to enjoy good health one must be a morning lark instead of a night owl. Let us now delve into a few positive benefits that early birds enjoy compared to late night owls.


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Benefits of Early Rising
Marks a New Day

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love – then make that day count!”  – Steve Maraboli


sunrise on the river

Night owls miss the picturesque beauty of the morning sunrise, spreading its beams painting the sky in an array of vibrant colours.  They also miss the sounds of the chirping birds, the gentle breeze, and the first blossoms with little drops of translucent dew, an atmosphere filled with serenity, imparting an inner peace and calm.  The first ray of sunlight ushers in a new day with renewed strength and vigour, filled with new hopes for the day, after a night of absolute rest.  The sunset however, marks the end of a day in deteriorating light with waning energy and activity moving gradually into darkness, leading to inactivity and sleep.


Time to Meditate

The beauty and calm of the early hours, filled with peace and quiet is the best time to meditate, pray or practice yoga.  This, besides strengthening your inner self imparts a sense of satisfaction, calm to your body and mind.


Invigorating Exercise

JoggingEarly risers enjoy the extra benefits of regular exercise by way of brisk morning walks, running, jogging, and breathing in fresh unpolluted air. The quality of good oxygen maximizes brain function, prevents lung damage, accelerates blood circulation and increases body defenses.   This sets the tone for the day, refreshing body, stimulating the release of those feel good brain chemicals known as endorphin, boosting moods, providing the energy to carry on the day with increased confidence.


Sumptuous Breakfast

According to studies, Breakfast is the most important meal for refueling after a six to eight hour fast from the previous night.  Therefore, early rising gives extra time to prepare a healthy and nutritious breakfast.  However, skipping breakfast, due to lack of time, leads to various health problems making the body run in fumes. During lunchtime when hunger strikes, to compensate for loss of breakfast, most people tend to overeat, gorging on unhealthy food.


Ideal Weight

Over eating during lunchtime adds on to those extra kilos leading to obesity.  Since early risers have timely breakfast, they maintain ideal body mass index.


Optimistic Attitude

Kick starting your day early, completely refreshed largely improves your attitude, sustaining for the rest of the day.  According to Research night owls linked with intelligence and creativity are more prone to depression, exhibiting anxieties with a pessimistic attitude and irrational neurotic behaviour, wherein early birds are more optimistic, tolerant, pleasant and meticulous.


Sunshine Vitamins

Waking up early also help nourish the bones, as the body gets plenty of exposure to sunlight, abundant in vitamin D.  Sun exposure in the morning, before nine, is considered the best time to obtain the required amount of calcium and vitamin D. Read more about the health benefits of sunlight



Less Traffic

An early riser gets the opportunity to leave earlier to reach his destination.  This means less congested traffic, peaceful easy commute, saving a lot of stress-filled time on hurrying, busy roads and crowded public transports, helping better performance at work place.



“An early bird catches the worm.”

An early riser keeps up punctuality avoiding the morning rush. This helps him keep up his timely business appointments and clinch deals, enhancing his performance.


Increased Productivity

Developing the habit of waking up just thirty minutes to an hour earlier in the morning can make a person more organised for the day. It helps a person complete a few of his personal tasks, which is normally done in the evening, like checking emails or blogs.  This gives him ample time in the evening to be engaged otherwise.


Family Time

Instead of working in the evening just relax and unwind with family or friends.


family time

Pursue a Hobby

Pick up long forgotten hobbies of the past such as playing with pets, reading books, listening to music, playing a sport, painting and gardening.

 reading in the grass

Stress Free

Getting everything done in an organised manner keeps a person stress free avoiding various stress related health problems.


Mood Booster

Reduced stress levels are a mood booster keeping a person happy calm and relaxed.  Morning birds are much more optimistic and happy while night owls tend to feel depressed and lonely.


Quality Sleep

sound sleepAt the end of a long active day, the body indicates that it is time to sleep.  Going to bed early and rising early makes the body more attuned to the earth’s circadian rhythms. This adaptation to the new sleep-wake routine imparts quality sleep making a person better equipped to face the challenges of the following day. Know some natural ways to get a sound sleep

Good Health

Numerous studies suggest that getting up early, following a healthy routine such as eating a timely healthy nutritious breakfast, regular exercise and a less stressful environment has positive effects on health.  Therefore, develop good habits to reap the rewards.

“I never knew a man come to greatness or eminence who lay abed late in the morning.”  ~ Jonathan Swift


The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up early and enjoy the potential benefits of adding more quality to life each day. This apart from promoting a healthy body and mind also makes a person happy and successful.

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