Benefits of Vitamin E for Skin

vitamin e for skinWho doesn’t want a skin that stays young and beautiful ever but then with age the wrinkles do set in and skin starts to appear old. And then there are many other factors too that can steal off the suppleness from the skin and make it look dry and saggy. Due to unhealthy lifestyle, improper nutrition and over exposure to the harsh environmental pollutants, the skin begins to look weary, saggy and dry.  Now, how do we restrict such damage and restore back the younger looking skin? Use “Vitamin E”! It is a known fact that Vitamin E has an anti-aging element that can control the damage of skin by fighting free radicals and restore back the collagen production on the skin. Want to know the role of vitamin E on the skin and its various benefits, the vitamin E mask etc. then simply read on…


Vitamin E – an antioxidant agent:

Over exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun causes the oxygen molecule to split up and produce toxic radicals which in turn damages the inner and outer tissues of the skin. The Vitamin E due to its antioxidant properties can prevent the oxidant effect from occurring and control the premature aging of the skin.


Regular intake of food rich in Vitamin E or by taking Vitamin E supplements, one can not only avoid premature aging / damage to the skin but also can restore back the suppleness to the skin.


Benefits of Vitamin E on Skin:
  • Fights off skin cancer: Vitamin E with its antioxidant properties can control the free radicals that may damage the cells and other organs and produce cancerous elements in the skin. The regular intake of Vitamin E or its supplements can help to build up the immune system and thus lower the risk of development of cancerous tissues in and around the skin.
  • Smooth out the wrinkles: Regular intake of Vitamin E food or vitamin E supplements can smooth off those fine lines/wrinkles. Various skin creams and lotions enriched with vitamin E are also used to protect the skin from harmful UV rays and bring back the desired glow.
  • Scares the scars: The antioxidant power of vitamin E can block off the free radicals which may prevent the skin scars from healing. It also boosts up the collagen production and restores back the suppleness.
  • Lighten up the brown spots: Can aid up to erase the brown spots caused due to age, mal liver function and toxic radicals. Both oral & topical vitamin E can be used to lighten up the brown spots, lubricate the skin and smooth off the dead skin.
  • Effective sun screen: Apply vitamin E oil to remove sun tan. Vitamin e oil penetrates to the deeper layer of the skin and heals off the damage caused due to UV rays. This oil can also be used as a protection against the harmful rays.
  • Eliminates stretch marks: Vitamin E oil application over the abdomen eases off the itches during pregnancy. Even the stretch marks can get easily eliminated by its regular application.
  • Moisturizes the skin: Helps to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. Regular use on dry skin helps up to maintain the normal oil balance in the skin.
  • Relieve off the skin diseases: Various skin diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis can get relieved with its application.
  • Resolves nail & cuticle problems: Vitamin E oil tones up the nails and cuticles and reduces its brittleness.


Some Tips to Use Vitamin E
  • Mix 1 medium size of ripe banana & ¼ cup of whipping cream & blend it in a blender. Take a capsule of Vitamin E and pour its content on the above mixture. Apply all over face & neck and wash off after 15 minutes to give the skin a youthful appearance.
  • Replace your vegetable oil with olive and sunflower oil to give sufficient Vitamin E to the body.
  • Mix almond oil and Vitamin E oil and apply it on the skin to clear off scars, acne and fine lines. This blend can also be applied to smooth off the dry lips.
  • Mix half cup of sugar with 1 tsp of olive and Vitamin E oil to scrub & moisturize the dull looking skin.


Though supplements can easily nourish and can build up the necessary nutrients in the body but nothing can substitute a healthy balanced diet!

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