Benefits of Oxygen Facial

oxygen facialPollution, environmental changes, food habits, lifestyle etc., makes difficult for a proper skin care. One of the effective ways to protect your skin is to opt for regular facials.


Facial – a necessity for every women to cleanse and improve your texture and to impart glow. Well! if you ask which one is right for you? it all depends on the skin type and your requirement. With the increasing products and techniques available in the market, it is really difficult to choose one that suits your need.


Facials can be vaguely classified into natural and organic based on the ingredients and the technique used.

  • Natural Facial Treatment: The facial is said to be natural when the ingredients used in the treatment are sourced from nature.
  • Organic Facial Treatment: On the other hand, organic facial treatments contain ingredients produced from synthetic chemicals and are not found in nature. However, it is possible to create synthetic versions of natural products in the laboratory.

Often the ingredients get overlapped and the labels on the products are confusing.


What is oxygen facial?

If you have not heard about oxygen facial yet or have a toddler knowledge about it, then yes! you are in the right page. In the recent times, the terms “Oxygen facial” are echoing everywhere and on everyone’s lips. Ironically, oxygen facial falls into third category where the beauty care expert / spa employee introduces the highly concentrated stream of oxygen directly into the skin’s pores to attain an ageless and flawless skin. Oxygen facial turns out to be a saver for instant results that gives your skin a smooth and moisturized surface.


An oxygen facial is a non-invasive beauty treatment that delivers a mixture of high pressure hyperbaric oxygen or pure oxygen, vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, peptides, anti-aging serum into the layers of the skin. The results are immediate and effective with a plumped and lifted skin. It is considered as the most user friendly treatment that almost nullifies chances of the occurrence of side effects such as stinging, itching, and burning.


How does oxygen facial work?

Till date, we studied oxygen’s role in the survival of mankind. Now, it is about to replace many beauty treatments and oxygen facial is the most talked about facial. Thought there aren’t enough studies and evidences to support the results of oxygen facials; many skin experts, models, celebrities who tried this recommend it for its outstanding results.



At first the skin is exfoliated to remove any dirt, excess oil and dead cells. Mild cleansing creams cleanses the skin from deep pores. Skin is exposed to a light steam treatment. This helps to open and soothes the skin pores and prepares the skin for the treatment. Then they introduce the concentrated oxygen along with supplements deep into the skin. The oxygen is believed to create a pressure bubble that dispenses nutrients directly into the skin. These are quickly absorbed through the open pores. It is followed by massaging the skin with toners, serums, and moisturizers. The treatment ends with the application of suitable sunscreen lotion. The procedure is painless and can be completed within 60 – 90 minutes leaving you with a radiant and refreshed skin.


Types of Treatment:

Rejuvenation Treatment: As the name indicates, this treatment rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin leaving it with a smooth texture. The best part of the treatment is it is suitable for all skin types.


Opulence Treatment: To gain an extra lavishness and brightness to your skin, opt for opulence treatment. It also evens the skin tone and reduces pigmentation problems.


Atoxelene Treatment: It is a unique non-invasive treatment that targets the expression lines. It is considered as an alternative to a Botox treatment, which gives a plump for lips and eyes. It helps to soften  and firm the expression lines.  It helps to soften, retain the firmness and smooth out the lines and wrinkles near the mouth, eye, and forehead. Its vast benefits makes it stand out from other treatments.


Clarity Treatment: The clarity treatment helps in clarifying and cleansing the skin. Best suited  for individuals with moisture issues. The treatment balances the issue out and reduces any outbreaks and damage caused by acne.


Booster Treatment: Helps to boost and rejuvenate the skin from inside. The boosters may be delivered alone or in combination.


The combination boosters include:

For a smooth and brighter skin: Vitamin C Booster +3 Booster

To revitalize, detox and balance the skin: Antioxidant Booster:

To regenerate, clarify: Vitamin A Booster
To restore, tighten, and improve firmness and luminosity: Collagen Booster


Benefits of using oxygen facial

The oxygen facial treatment surpasses the effects of other facials for the following reasons.

  • A one stop shop for all skin issues
  • Suits for all skin types irrespective of age
  • Promotes neovascularization
  • Gives instant visible results
  • Treats wounds, acne scars, injuries, and other skin ailments
  • Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin
  • Detoxifies skin
  • Evens the skin tone and minimizes the pigmentation. (Also check: Home remedies for hyper pigmentation)
  • Plump the eyes and lips; the best alternative for a botox treatment
  • Less recovery time compared to other facials
  • Improves the skin cells that has been exposed to pollutants like tobacco and smoke and other toxin
  • Removes wrinkles and sagging of skin. Best alternative for anti-aging treatments. (Also check: Home remedies for saggy skin)
  • Mimics collagen growth and cell growth
  • Non invasive, simple and a painless procedure unlike injections and needles



As every coin has both sides, oxygen facial too has its drawbacks.

  • An average person cannot afford it; the treatment costs higher than any other facials. The cost is roughly close to 300$ for a single one hour treatment. It differs based on the number of settings and the spa you have chosen. However, to achieve great results, it requires the treatment in multiple sessions.
  • Although there are few home based oxygen facials kits available in the market for a lesser cost, it is always suggested to take the help of a professional or a skin care specialist for best results.
  • Results does not last long and need multiple sessions to withstand the effect. The results for a single session may last for a week and can be improved with regular treatments.
  • Mild inflammation may be observed in few skin types but it only lasts for few minutes

Fortunately, there are no major drawbacks to list out. Why wait Girls? Grab the oxygen facial treatment appointment in your nearest spa and flaunt a glowy skin.

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