Oolong Tea- Your Secret Weapon for Battling the Bulge

Oolong Tea for Weight LossIn today’s world, Obesity is a force to reckon with. Managing this universal problem has become a hot topic these days with various celebrities endorsing products and adopting other means for attaining a fabulous figure that is perfect, attractive and fit. Nevertheless, losing weight the natural way has become the mantra of the day. The latest trend for weight loss, backed by sufficient scientific evidence is consumption of specially processed teas that give positive results. Besides Green Tea, that has earned a reputation for successful fat loss, there is Oolong Tea with anti obesity and fat burning properties that proves effective.


What is Oolong Tea?

Oolong or ‘Wu-long’ Tea, known as “Qing Cha“, has its origin in China. The word ‘Wu’ according to the Chinese language indicates ‘black’, while the word ‘long’ symbolises the ‘Dragon’. What is special about Oolong Tea is the fact that although all tea leaves come from the plant source, the way each of them is processed, makes their beneficial properties different and unique.


Green tea Vs Oolong Tea

There is a frequent mix up between oolong and green tea. While Black tea is fermented, Green Tea is unfermented and Oolong semi-fermented. However, oolong combines the best of both black and green tea as it goes through a unique process of enzymatic fermentation.


Benefits of Oolong Tea for Weight Loss

Backed by ample scientific evidence Oolong Tea is one of the most effective and proven ways to slim down and lose flab. The following are a few factors that make the beverage a better choice to encourage weight loss.


Prevents Fat Absorption

Fat build-up in the body leads to an obese state. This is primarily because the food we consume converts into triglyceride in the small intestine and liver and transported throughout the body tissues and bloodstream. Although triglycerides are extremely essential for optimal health, any excess amount can cause problems as they are deposited in fat cells. Hence, triglycerides play a major part in controlling fat deposition in the body. However, Oolong Tea with polyphenol (catechins) substances helps dissolve excess triglycerides, by activating thermogenesis that augments fat oxidation in your body. This helps control obesity levels providing long-term weight loss solutions.


Burns Fat

According to Researchers, drinking Oolong Tea continuously over a period helps cutting down the body’s subcutaneous layers of fat. This is due to the presence of abundant antioxidants present in the tea that helps burn belly fat cutting down flab from the upper arms.


Promotes Metabolism

For centuries, in China, Oolong Tea has enjoyed the reputation of managing obesity and enhancing the function of fat metabolism. Due to its potent antioxidants substances, drinking two cups of this tea everyday can boost your metabolism by blocking the negative effects of carbohydrates, for a couple of hours by 10% or more. Furthermore, the caffeine present in the beverage enhances energy expenditure, which helps fat loss.


Boosts Energy                         

Along with a boost in metabolism, drinking a cup of this miracle tea, before every meal, helps effective breakdown of food along with an increase in energy.


Regulates Blood Sugar

Consuming Oolong Tea, helps regulate blood sugar levels. This averts the craving for sweets and overindulgence in sweet treats.


Besides battling the bulge, Oolong Tea also offers other benefits for health, which makes it a wonder tea.

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