Lemon Juice – A Natural Skin Tonic

Lemon Juice for SkinFrom adding that extra zest and zing to various delicious recipes to enhancing, neutralizing other flavors in cooking and being a heavy-duty stain remover, the bright cheery fluorescent coloured yellow-gold wonder, Lemons renowned for their culinary and medicinal benefits, make a great natural alternative as a non-toxic cleaning and bleaching agent too. Mother Nature’s biggest boon, there are various other ways to use lemon, than just making a refreshing drink. With their tart acidic nature and essential nutrients like Vitamins B, C, and antioxidant properties, lemon juice a natural antiseptic, comes in handy as an excellent beauty aid for rejuvenating and replenishing skin both from within and without.

Lemon Juice Skin Benefits

Body Detox

The skin often reflects the inner health. Therefore, a healthy body and mind imparts a flawless blemish-free skin. Drinking a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning helps cleanse the entire system, as lemon juice contain detoxifying abilities that work from within, eliminating harmful free radicals from the body. This helps balance and metabolizes the acids in the body promoting good health and a smooth skin.


Pigmentation lightener

The potent antioxidant and vitamin C elements in lemon play a remarkable role in skin lightening, alleviating freckles, dark spots and age spots. Applying lemon juice on the age spots help decrease the dark areas making them lighter. This is due to the presence of citric acid in lemon, along with its ability to neutralize the pH balance, which clears and lightens the skin. (Read more Home remedies for hyperpigmentation)


Skin Whitening Agent

Lemon contains citric acid content of 5% along with antioxidant and vitamin C properties, which act as natural bleaching agents. These help enhance skin tone and lighten complexion.  Two tablespoons of lemon juice combined with three tablespoons of water applied on the neck and face and rinsed with cool water after half an hour shows tremendous improvement. In sensitive skin, lemon juice may cause irritation in which case a few drops of honey may be added to the water-lemon combo.


Acne Healer

Lemon contains a multitude of minerals beneficial for protecting the skin from acne outbreak.  Consuming lemon water, helps metabolize the acidic temperament of the body alleviating and preventing acne breakouts. Lemon juice applied regularly on acne spots and marks, by means of a soft cotton pad erases and heals the marks, making the skin smooth and soft.


Blackhead Remover

With natural antiseptic properties lemon juice helps balance the skin oiliness clearing the dirt and grime eliminating bacteria that damage skin leading to blackhead outbreaks.  Applying extract of freshly squeezed lemon removes blackheads without leaving behind any traces of their presence.  This is because of the potent citric acid, which combats the oils causing blackhead eruptions.


Pimple Eliminator

Lemon juice extract helps lighten pimples. The best remedy will be to apply the juice on the face and allow it to rest for ten minutes before washing the face with cold water. (More Home Remedies for Pimples)


Knee/elbow lightener

Applying lemon juice extract on the elbows and scrubbing the areas well after half an hour before washing is the best natural way to lighten dark knees and elbows.


Minor Skin Problems

Since lemon is a natural disinfectant, applying the juice extract of lemon combined with honey, directly on cuts, warts, poison ivy and insect bites prove beneficial and eliminates itching and irritation. An overnight poultice with lemon juice removes skin calluses and corns besides being a wonderful remedy for eliminating eczema.


Natural Exfoliate

Loaded with citric acid, lemon juice acts as an excellent natural exfoliant and is most effective especially when combined with sugar, for removing the dead skin cells revealing a glowing brand new skin beneath the surface.


Rejuvenating Skin Cells

Rich in salicylic acid, Lemon juice helps eliminate the rough dead cells from the surface, rejuvenating skin and imparting a naturally younger look, preventing wrinkles and fine lines.


Treats Burns

Spreading over lemon juice on the location of previous burns facilitates fading of the scars.  Lemon juice also helps reduce the symptoms of burning sensation associated with  fresh burns since lemon acts as a cooling agent.


Skin Recipes Using Lemon Juice

Skin Cleanser

Combine a cup of unboiled raw milk along with two teaspoons of lemon juice extract and a pinch of salt. This acts as a fantastic cleanser cleaning the skin and minimizing skin pores.


Clear Complexion

Combine equal quantities of limejuice, Rose water and cucumber juice.  Apply the mixture on a clean face and leave it overnight.  The first thing, wash the face in the morning.  This keeps the skin soft supple improving skin tone.


Glowing Skin

Applying a combination of a teaspoon of lemon juice with about quarter cup of tomato juice keeps the skin supple and glowing. (More Home Remedies for Glowing Skin)


Skin Blemishes

Combine Rosewater, glycerine and lime juice in equal proportions and spread over the face at bedtime. This helps removes blackheads and pimples keeping the skin blemish free


Skin Scrub

Using a mixer, thoroughly combine lemon zest with three almonds, one teaspoon each of limejuice and honey. Massage the mixture onto the face in circular motions for smoothening facial skin.  Rinse with tepid water after ten minutes.


Smooth Skin

Mash a banana with limejuice for application on the face to soften skin on face and hands.


Dry Elbows and Knees

Rub a mixture made with one teaspoon each vegetable oil, honey along with a quarter spoon lemon juice, on the dry areas of elbows and heels.  Rinse after ten minutes.



Mix raw egg white with half teaspoon of lime juice along with three blanched and ground almonds. Apply on the face and rinse after twenty to thirty minutes.



To combat wrinkles combine a drop of sweet almond oil with a few drops of lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. Spread this mixture evenly on the face and rinse after about twenty minutes.


Oily Skin Facemask

Lemon juice is excellent for oily skin as it helps balance the oils on the face. Form a thick paste using a combination of one teaspoon each of lemon juice and fullers earth along with a couple of teaspoons Rose water. Spread on the required areas before a final rinse after fifteen minutes.


Dry Skin Facemask

Combine to a paste, half a teaspoon cooked and mashed cabbage mixed with three teaspoons each of lemon juice and honey.  Dab on the face and neck before a final rinse after ten minutes.  Lemon juice has a tendency to make the skin dry.  Hence, it is advisable to leave this mask for the specified time only.


Beautiful Hands

Apply on hands at bedtime, a combination of freshly squeezed juice from a lime along with a cup of milk and a teaspoon of glycerine. Leave it on for half an hour and wash.  Following this treatment every night proves effective for both hands and face.  This besides relieving dryness also alleviates sunburns.


Soft Cuticles

Consisting of vitamin C, lemon juice keep nails hard preventing brittleness and breakage.  Soak fingernails for about ten minutes in a mixture consisting of half-cup tepid water with a teaspoon honey and a couple of teaspoons lemon juice. Wash and finally push the cuticles back to soften them.


For healthy nails, soak fingernails for ten minutes in lemon juice. Then soak them in a vinegar warm water solution followed by a rinse.


Chapped Lips

Lemon is a great aid for relieving chapped lips. Blend a teaspoon each of lemon juice, fresh cream and honey to a paste.  Massage this concoction to relieve dryness on lips.


  • It is best to avoid using lemon juice in case of any lemon allergies
  • If the skin burns or stings due to application of lemon juice, discontinue use immediately.
  • Avoid lemon juice in case of rashes.
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight with lemon juice application on the face/body as it may lead to adverse reactions like burns, dark patches and discolouration of skin.
  • Avoid application of lemon juice near the eyes to prevent stinging
  • The astringent properties of lemon may prove too harsh on dry skin.  In case of prolonged irritation, consult a dermatologist
  • Avoid applying the juice on broken or inflamed skin
  • Avoid using lemon juice for sensitive skin.  A better option will be to use diluted lemon water
  • Avoid using bottled lemon juice available in the market since they contain harmful chemicals that damage to skin.  Instead, use freshly squeezed limejuice.

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