Benefits of Jasmine Oil for Hair

jasmine flowersJasmine oil, extracted from jasmine flowers, when applied to the hair not only brings a delightful fragrance but offers a plenty of solutions to various haircare problems. While its aromatic element is a stress reliever and a good hair and scalp massage with jasmine oil stimulates blood circulation and encourage hair growth, its application on the dry and frizzy hair nourishes and turns them into shiny smooth hair. Read on to know some more benefits and tips to use jasmine oil for your hair.


How to Use Jasmine Oil for Hair?

  • Just few drops of Jasmine oil mixed with your regular shampoo can add volume to the hair and leave it soft and silky.
  • Mixing jasmine oil with coconut oil in equal parts, and massaging your hair and scalp is extremely beneficial for stimulating hair growth, besides adding a radiant lustre to your hair.
  • Massaging the dry and itchy scalp with jasmine oil leaves a moisturizing effect.
  • Mix one portion of Jasmine oil along with three parts of olive oil, almond oil, grape seed oil or any other natural hair oil and apply on the washed hair with your wet fingers to get your hair conditioned.
  • To control the thinning of hair, take a ripped Indian gooseberry fruit (amla) and grind it to a powder. Mix this powder with the jasmine oil and massage the scalp to control hair fall.

Benefits of Jasmine Oil for Hair

  • Strengthen the hair root: Jasmine oil provides great nourishment to the scalp and strengthens the hair from its roots. It is highly effective to dry and brittle hair.
  • Damage control to the hair: It helps protect and treat damaged hair caused by blow dryers and hair rebounding treatments.
  • Protects the natural hair colour: Jasmine oil helps preserve the natural colour of your hair. It also acts as a conditioner to the henna hair and gives soft and smooth hair.
  • For dry and curly hair: It can be used for all hair types but proved extremely beneficial to those with dry, coarse hair and those with unmanageable tresses. It adds radiant luster to the tresses and moisturizes the dry and unruly hair.
  • Antiseptic to the scalp: Many scalp aliments can get treated with jasmine oil application.
  • Aromatic treatment to lice and eggs: Jasmine oil fragrance along with other base oil can eradicate the production of head eggs and lice.
  • A sedative to the mind: Last but not least, a very few drops of jasmine oil to the scalp leaves a soothing effect to the mind and hair. Its aroma calms the mind and alleviates the stress.

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