Benefits of Hot Mustard Oil Massage for Hair

hot mustad oil massage to hairHair fall, premature greying of hair, split ends, dandruff, dull lifeless hair etc. are few of the most-common hair problems amongst men and women both. Besides those hair care products available in the market, there are several easily available home ingredients which have been used since ages to treat and prevent these common hair problems. One such wonderful ingredient is grandma’s all time favourite hair care solution – mustard oil, known for its amazing hair care benefits. Extracted from mustard seeds, mustard oil is also used for preparing food and offers multitudes of skincare benefits but it is best known for its benefits for hair. Lets find out how mustard oil massage to your hair can literally vanish all of your hair care problems.


How to Do Hot Mustard Oil Massage to Your Hair?
  • Wash your hair same day you plan to do hot hair treatment or a day before so that your scalp is clean.
  • Take some mustard oil in a small bowl according to your hair length.
  • Heat oil until it’s warm but not hot because it can damage the scalp.
  • Wet your hair little bit and start applying warm oil.
  • Massage the oil into the scalp using fingertips.
  • After you cover whole head, wear a shower cap because the oil can attract dust and dirt.
  • Let it stay overnight and next morning wash with regular shampoo.


What are the Benefits of Hot Mustard Oil Massage for Hair?

1. Reduce hair fall

Hair fall or baldness is sometimes caused by “zinc” deficiency. Mustard oil contains high level of zinc so when massaging scalp with mustard oil it gives enough amount of zinc to the scalp that helps to prevent hair fall caused by zinc deficiency. If you are suffering from sever hair fall issue then start doing “hot mustard oil massage” to prevent and to reduce hair fall problem. Here you can find more home remedies for hair fall.


2. Promote hair growth

Mustard oil contains calcium, protein, vitamins, omega-3 and fatty acids that strengthens hair and prevent them from falling out. When massaging scalp with mustard oil, it increase the blood circulation is scalp which encourage the hair to grow healthier and at much faster rate. If you want to make your hair grow stronger and faster then you can simply rely on mustard oil. Read here some amazing tips to grow hair faster.


3. Prevents split ends

The main reason of split ends is “not getting sufficient oil to the tips of hair”. If you are suffering from split ends then start doing mustard oil hot massage to repair the damaged hair. To prevent split ends start following this easy tip and you’ll never see split ends.


4. Dry and dull hair

Again dry hair means that your hair is not getting enough amounts of hydration and moisture. Dry hair makes hair dull, unmanageable and can also cause frizz to a great extent. If you are one fade up with dry frizzy hair then start using mustard oil because this oil gives hair moisture and make them silky smooth.


5. Premature hair greying

Premature greying of hair can be caused by many reasons like hormonal imbalance, not taking proper care, smoking, poor nutrition, tension, etc. Start massaging your hair and scalp with hot mustard oil to cope up with the premature greying of hair. It is one of the best remedy to prevent your hair from premature greying. Here you can find more such home remedies to prevent and reverse premature hair greying.


6. Dandruff

Mustard oil is very effective in treating the dandruff problem. You can apply the oil as it is or you can also mix mustard oil with henna leaves. Boil of them until the leaves turn brown and then apply on hair at least twice a week. One another effective treatment for dandruff is adding 1 tea spoon of lemon juice in hot mustard oil and massaging the hair and scalp thoroughly for 5 to 10 minutes. It will not only clear the dandruff but will further occurrence of it for a longer period.

So include hot mustard oil massage into your hair care routine atleast once a month, and welcome healthy shining hair.

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