Six Ways Grandmas Time-Tested Formula of Warm Water with Honey & Lemon Helps Weight Loss

lemon water with honey for weight lossFrustration sets in when you are unable to get into your gorgeous dress that you had wanted to wear for your day out. This is the main attribute of the modern age, primarily due to a faulty lifestyle and diet that leads to an increase in obese people. This however, makes you more prone to lifestyle-related diseases namely arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, and other correlated problems with the liver. Nevertheless, one simple natural solution is to take grandma’s good old remedy of drinking warm lemon water with honey, first thing in the morning to keep your weight under check.


Warm Lemon Water with Honey- Preparation

To make this concoction, combine a teaspoon of honey and warm water with a dash of lemon. It is highly imperative to take this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. However, it proves effective when combined with regular exercise along with a healthy balanced diet.


Six Weight Loss Benefits of Lemon and Honey Water

1. Effective Body Detox

Harmful toxins are all around us. It enters your body via food and the air that you breathe. They are present in all forms like the preservatives and dyes, smoke, pesticide and fungicide, which play a very important role in gaining weight. Nonetheless, taking a warm water mix consisting of lemon and honey on an empty stomach everyday acts as an effective body detox, which helps break down unwanted toxins in the body. This helps cleanse the body of all impurities flushing them out via urination and providing positive results for losing weight.


2. Enhances Bile Production

An unhealthy digestive system attracts many toxins thereby affecting the fat burning process. However, taking lemon water and honey everyday besides eliminating toxins, promotes digestive health, which subsequently helps weight loss. Besides clearing the stomach, it enhances bile production, enabling effective breakdown of food. Furthermore, lemon juice helps food to pass on easily to the digestive tract, preventing bloating and weight gain.


3. Boosts Body Metabolism

Consuming Lemon water and honey mix early in the morning apart from promoting digestive health also sustains your energy through the day. A high energy level produced within the body encourages body metabolism as the components in honey stimulate the organs for effective functioning. An optimal metabolic rate however helps burn calories and fat, which inevitably leads to weight loss.


4. Curtails Hunger Pangs

The honey lemon detox consisting of high fibre, and alkaline properties, curtail hunger pangs resisting the urge for unwanted snacking and unhealthy sweet cravings, helping dissolution of fat.


5. Low Glycemic Index

Unlike other sugars, Honey has a low Glycemic index, helps break down sugar gradually, preventing unhealthy fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which normally lead to fat storage in the body.


6. Keeps Body Hydrated

Drinking eight to ten glasses a day helps keep your body well hydrated. Very often thirst is mistaken for hunger and you tend to eat more to instead of quenching your thirst for fluids. This inadvertently leads to adding on some extra pounds. However, lemon and honey keeps the body well hydrated, indirectly leading to weight loss.

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