Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Amla or the Indian gooseberry has been touted, since antiquity, as an amazing antidote for various ailments. Hence, it’s widely used in most alternative modes of treatment like Ayurveda and Unani. This tasty and tangy fruit, as we all know, is packed with the goodness of essential vitamins and nutrients. But do you know that this delectable fruit, besides being a healing and anti ageing agent also helps combat body fat, keeping you in good shape and absolutely healthy?

amla juice for weight loss

Benefits of Drinking Amla Juice for Weight Loss

Amla for Weight Loss


Obesity has become a universal problem affecting people of all age groups. The best way to tackle this would be to take Amla regularly either in the form of fresh or dried varieties, or for more effective results, taking the fruit in the form of juice, which works wonders not just to regain that lost shape but also to keep your health, eyes, hair and skin radiantly beautiful.


How to Make Amla Juice?


To make Amla juice, cut small pieces of the fruit and by adding three parts of water, crush them well in a blender, until the pieces are nicely mashed.   Drink the amla juice first thing in the morning to enjoy optimal health and for effective weight loss. The fruit can also be crushed without adding water, but ensure that you strain the liquid before consumption. For an extra zing, add a dash of honey/ cardamom powder or salt, with some ice cubes and begin the day on a refreshingly cool note and to keep you feeling rejuvenated the whole day through. This juice besides boosting immune health also improves digestion, enhances appetite, regulates bowel movements and of course, helps you lose weight.


How Amla Juice Helps in Weight Loss?

Amla juice benefits in weight loss in three important ways by promoting metabolic health, acting as an excellent body detox, eliminating unwanted toxins from the body and imparting vitality and strength.


1. Promotes Metabolic Health


Metabolic disorders are one of the prime culprits for obesity-related problems. A low metabolic rate accelerates weight gain, leading to various health complications. Nonetheless, a boost in metabolic activity reduces weight and helps you get back in shape. Therefore according to several studies, drinking Amla juice on an empty stomach first thing in the morning aids protein synthesis, enhancing body metabolism, by facilitating protein breakdown which eventually leads to better weight management and optimum weight.


2. Amazing Body Detox


Excessive free radicals in the body are yet another aspect responsible for increased weight gain and occurrences of life threatening diseases.  The rich antioxidant elements of Amla juice combined with the curative and nutritive properties help eliminate these harmful free radicals which build up in the body as toxins, thus improving digestion and effectively dissipating waste.


3. Keeps You Revitalised


A sedentary lifestyle can be another contributor for weight gain. Drinking Amla juice keeps your body full of vigour and vitality providing the required energy for you and stay hydrated during workouts. Obviously, loads of energy keeps you active which ultimately results in weight loss.


Nevertheless, besides consuming Amla juice, it is highly imperative to follow a healthy lifestyle by taking a balanced diet along with an exercise regimen for providing the desired results. So, eat healthy and keep fit!

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