Coconut Milk: The Secret to Beautiful Hair


Benefits of Coconut Milk for Hair

The liquid extract from grated coconut is called coconut milk. This white, delicious, rich creamy liquid is not only known for its culinary uses but is also acknowledged for the health benefits it renders. Enriched with vital nutrients like vitamin, B, C and E; iron, phosphorus, selenium, magnesium etc this liquid  with its multiple curative and therapeutic properties helps to treat and prevent many diseases and promote the general health and well being of an individual. Besides that, coconut milk is an effective remedy for skin hair and nails. Here I am sharing some wonderful benefits of coconut milk for your hair problems be it dry frizzy hair or rapid hair loss.


1. Eliminates infections


The fats in coconut milk mainly contain lauric acid. This essential acid is responsible for rendering antibacterial, anti bacterial and antifungal properties to coconut milk that help to ward off microbial infections from the hair and scalp. It also helps to cleanse the harmful free radicals from the scalp that can weaken and damage the cell growth in the hair strands. Coconut milk thus nourishes and hydrates the skin to keep diseases like psoriasis away and create long and strong hair. [Also check the awesome benefits of coconut milk for skin]


2. Natural conditioner


Because of its high vitamin E and fat content, coconut milk acts as a natural moisturiser that nourishes and hydrates the hair strand from root to the tip. It eliminates dryness, flakiness and itchiness of the scalp and restores its optimal moisture levels. Coconut milk treats and prevents scalp and hair issues like dandruff and also deep conditions the hair to make it soft, supple and radiant.


3. Nourishment provider


Coconut milk is enriched with powerful vital nutrients that nourish the hair and the scalp from within. Its rich iron content helps to improve the blood circulation in the body and scalp thereby enhancing the availability of vital nutrients for the hair follicles. It boosts the health of the hair and stimulates its growth. It strengthens the hair and helps to treat and prevent hair dryness, breakage and fall.


4. Natural detangler


Massaging the hair with coconut milk helps to sooth the scalp and relieves scalp inflammations and rashes. Coconut milk acts as a natural detangler when applied on the hair. Rubbing the hair with this milk and then combing the hair gently eliminates tangles and knots from the tresses instantly.


5. Hair loss solution


Coconut milk cleanses, nourishes and conditions the hair while eliminating infections and dryness of the scalp. It strengthens the tresses, prevents hair thinning, breakage and fall and stimulates hair growth. Thus coconut milk treats the problem of hair loss and prevents balding effectively. It promotes healthy hair growth to create long, voluminous, and radiant hair. [Find out more home remedies to prevent hair loss]

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