Welcome Dark Glossy Tresses with Castor Oil

Castor Oil for Hair

Castor Oil for Hair Health

Every one longs for long, glossy dark tresses, sans split ends, dry scalp and hair thinning often caused by medications, common ailments, improper nutrition and most important of all genetics. Nevertheless, with the use of castor oil, healthy dark hair seems so much easy to attain. Let us explore how this becomes a possibility.


For ages, Castor oil has remained a vital ingredient for treating hair related problems. Abundant with essentials vitamins, minerals and protein, such as omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E along with the goodness of antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial compounds the golden oil offers a multitude of benefits for the crowning glory.


Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Filled with incredible properties like Ricinoleic acid, castor oil helps revitalize and stimulate hair growth by enhancing blood circulation thereby providing the required nutrients to the hair shafts. Furthermore, massaging the scalp with castor oil and leaving it wrapped overnight or for a few hours before a final wash, promotes luxuriant growth as the oil penetrates the scalp nourishing the hair follicles. Mixing castor oil with olive/coconut oil/emu or jojoba oil also helps dense growth. [Read more: Home Remedies for Hair Growth]


Castor Oil to Stop Hair Loss

Although there are numerous causes for hair fall and loss, the major contributing factors are brittle, unhealthy hair and scalp caused by dandruff, scalp infections and frequent use of hair styling products, containing harsh chemicals.  However, gentle scalp massage using castor oil twice a week before a wash works well for hair fall fortifying the hair shafts. [Read more home remedies to prevent hair loss]


Castor Oil for Scalp Infection

Owing to its antimicrobial substances, castor oil protects the scalp from infection-causing bacteria such as folliculitis, piedra and ringworms, thus preventing bald patches and nourishing the hair roots.


Castor Oil as a Moisturiser

A natural moisturiser and an emollient, the humectants in castor oil locks moisture in the scalp and locks retaining moisture thereby keeping the tresses well conditioned and more manageable. Owing to the omega9 fatty substances using castor oil as a regular part of hair care provides rich nourishment transforming the strands to a silken splendour.


Castor Oil for Eliminating Split Ends

Unhealthy hair begins with hair breakage and split ends. However, due to the presence of vital nutrients such as omega6 fatty acids, amino acids and hair nourishing vitamin E compounds, Castor oil treats and protects split ends by penetrating deep into the scalp.  Combining castor oil with jojoba or olive oil makes the roots strong and eliminates split ends and hair breakage.


Castor Oil for Dark Glossy Mane

Hair loses its sheen due to environmental and other factors related to styling and curling.  Nonetheless, due to the vital nutrients locked in the oil using castor oil brings back the sheen making the hair appear darker and healthy. This is because the oil traps in moisture spreading the hairstreaks, thereby making them soft silky and attractive. For effective results combine castor oil with regular shampoo or mousse and wash after an hour.


So say goodbye to hair problems and welcome thick luscious attractive locks!

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