Benefits of Banana for Soft, Glowing Skin


Benefits of Banana for SkinAmong the innumerable magical natural ingredients for the skin, one of the most effective ones is banana. With easy accessibility and cheap costs, banana is a product that can be used in the comfort of your home. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that banana not only has numerous benefits for the body when you eat them but also for the hair and the skin when applied externally. Herein, it is quite interesting to know that along with the pulp, the peel of banana also has quite some positive effects on the skin.


The rich antioxidants and high level of minerals and vitamins in this fruit makes it so easy for a person to get back that lost glow and attraction on the face. The versatility of banana has made it an all time favorite among people. To know about the outstanding benefits that you will get with regular application of this fruit, check out the list below:


Benefits of Banana for Skin

Looking for Deep Skin Nourishment?

If you want to naturally nourish and moisturize the skin, then there is nothing like using a banana on the skin or even eat one regularly. The skin moisture is restored with Vitamin A with regular usage and it also treats the dullness, dryness and damaged skin. An easy way to extract the benefits of banana is to mash one and apply it directly on the skin. Let it remain on the skin for 20-25 minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse it off. Instant softness and suppleness can be felt on the skin. Make sure you avoid any contact with the eyes.


Banana and Avocado Face Mask

One of the perfect masks that you can make with banana is to mash some fresh pulp  with equal quantities of avocado and apply it on the face. Let it remain there for 25-30 minutes. This should be washed off with lukewarm water to leave the skin soft and nourished. Also check the benefits of avocado for skin


Hydrate the Skin

The 75 percent water content in banana makes it perfect for hydrating the skin and that too in an easy and effortless manner. It treats all forms of dryness and peeling skin and makes it glow.


Honey and Banana Face Mask

For those who are looking for the benefit of hydration, can easily mix 1 freshly mashed banana with good quality and organic honey and use it on the skin for at least half an hour. This will hydrate the skin cells and treat the problem of dry skin and peeling. Carry on this facial mask at least once in a week for perfectly visible outcomes. Also check the benefits of honey for skin


For that Instant Glow!

Among the many other benefits of banana for skin, one well known benefit is its amazing power to get an instant glow that one always craved for. For a youthful glow on the face, the vitamin C content in this fruit will help you reach the goals in an easy way. More tips for glowing skin


Banana, Sandalwood and Honey Face Mask

A perfect combination of natural products with banana will not only trigger the process of glow on the skin but also clean the dirt and extra oil on the face and thoroughly nourish it. Just mix half banana with about a tablespoon of sandalwood powder and half a teaspoon of organic honey. Make it into a smooth paste and apply on the skin for the next 20 minutes before cleaning with lukewarm water. It will definitely give the healthy radiant skin that you are expecting.


Banana and Sugar Mask for Scrubbing

Mix a ripe mashed banana with about one tablespoon of sugar. Apply to the skin for sometime and then massage with the fingers gently in circular motions. This is one of the effective masks to get rid of dead skin along with deep moisturization and rejuvenation.


The same can also be mixed with delicious strawberries and sugar and blended well in the mixer grinder for preparing a body skin scrub for you at home. This is another skin mask that will give you great outcomes.


The Anti-Ageing Qualities of Banana

Are you someone who is scared of the ugly wrinkles on the face? Do you want a natural and safe way to treat them and help them fade? Use banana for skin care when it comes to all kinds of anti-ageing treatment for the skin. It helps in repairing the damage on the skin as well as fights the free radicals that lead to ageing signs.


Rose Water and Banana Mask for Treating Ageing

Mash and whisk a ripe banana in a clean bowl until it turns completely creamy and smooth. To this you can add about a teaspoon of rose water and apply on the facial skin and neck for the next half an hour before you wash it off.


For Healthy Foot Skin

Having issues of ugly cracked heels? The moisturizing properties of banana will help you through in getting rid of the problem. Mash about two bananas and apply it on clean feet. This should be kept for about 10 minutes and then cleaned for supple feet skin.

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