Basil Ginger Tea: Recipe & Health Benefits


Tulsi Ginger Tea

Basil (Tulsi) Ginger Tea

Tea, a favourite beverage of many of us, adds a spark to the monotonous daily schedules. Anyone tired or stressed out is sure to get recharged with a cup of tea. Now what if there are additional benefits from this cup of tea? Makes it all the more worthwhile, right? Basil ginger tea does exactly that. It offers more than your usual cup of tea, without cutting back on your enjoyment of savouring it. The key ingredients of basil ginger tea are basil, also known as holy basil or Tulsi, and ginger. Both of these are endowed with powerful medicinal properties which are sure to benefit your health immediately as well as in the long run.




Basil Leaves (Tulasi): 5 leaves

Ginger: 3-4 slices

Tea leaves: 1 tsp

Water: 1 cup

Milk: 1/4 cup

Sugar to taste


It is easy to prepare a cup of basil ginger tea. Take one cup of water to boil, and add the tea powder, milk, sugar, ginger slices and basil leaves. Boil it for 5 minutes and remove from the heat. Strain and serve.


The frequency of having this lovely tea varies. You can have 2 to 4 cups of it daily. Even a single cup can be immensely beneficial. During periods of illness, having more cups will help accelerate your recovery.


Basil Ginger Tea for Stress Relief

Basil or Tulsi as well as ginger are effective stress relievers. Basil is an excellent adaptogen which implies it is an agent that helps the body cope with stress in an efficient way. The cineole substance present in ginger is also known to uplift mood. So a cup of this tea is definitely going to keep you happy and help you manage the daily stress encountered well.


Tulsi Ginger Tea for Cold & Flu

Cold and flu are no longer a threat to your body once you make this cup of tea your companion. Ginger has warming properties that help keeping your lungs and respiratory tracts free from phlegm. Tulsi helps in treating infections, allergies, inflammations and other kinds of issues faced by the upper respiratory tract. In short, you can heave a sigh of relief more easily that cold and flu can no longer trouble you.


Anti-oxidant Benefits of Tulsi Ginger Tea

Look and feel younger when you switch to drinking basil ginger tea. Tulsi with its antioxidant properties help in eliminating the impact of everyday harmful chemicals we face that can cause your body to age prematurely. Your immunity is also boosted which helps you stay and feel young for a longer time.


Tulsi Ginger Tea for Digestion

Improve your digestion and stay clear of stomach disorders. Ginger aids in digestion and helps in preventing cramps which are a result of gas in stomach. Tulsi helps in preventing the formation of gastric ulcers and provides a soothing feeling. Both basil and ginger are also well known for reducing nausea. 


Tulsi Ginger Tea for Bad Breath

Ginger has great mouth freshening properties and basil too helps to cut back bad breath problems. So your mouth is sure to feel fresh with every sip of this lovely beverage.


These are some of the health benefits that basil ginger tea offers as a whole. Apart from these there are numerous other benefits which each of these ingredients contribute individually as well. A cup of tea never felt this refreshing and healthy.

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