Awesome Ginger Honey Combo for Perfect Health

ginger-and-honeyIn ancient times, Indian, Arabic and Asian traditions, an awesome combo of Ginger and Honey was used as a well-known Herbal Tonic. According to their cultural and traditional beliefs, the magic potion had the ability to cure a number of diseases. In today’s times too, the practice of using this concoction as a medicine continues, as most people are turning towards alternative and natural modes of treatment for providing effective results, sans the side effects of synthetic drugs. It sure would help to keep the ginger honey syrup handy when you are feeling quite under the weather.


Ginger Honey Mix

Preparing this mix is quite simple. All that you would require is to immerse finely chopped/grated ginger root to a cup of steaming hot tea or water. After steeping them for about ten to twenty minutes, strain the liquid, disposing off the ginger and consume when cold with just a dash of honey. Another method involves immersing the chopped ginger root in a small jar of honey, filled to the brim. Allow it to set for four or five days and consume when required. This mixture, however, can be preserved and has a shelf life of two weeks (only).


Health Benefits of Ginger and Honey

1. Respiratory Disorders

All of us are aware of Grandmas time-tested remedy for curing cold, blocked stuffy/runny nose and cough- honey ginger. This is because the anti-inflammatory, antiviral and antibacterial substances in both these ingredients work well together. The medicinal qualities of ginger and honey alleviate phlegm and pacify the inflamed tissues. Hence, adding a small pinch of clove and cinnamon powder to the tonic, acts as an excellent expectorant and helps relieve constant cough. Likewise, adding a squeeze of lemon to the ginger honey mixture clears the airways and fight against headache. [Check out: Home Remedies for Headache]


2. Asthma

Taking this healthy mix with black pepper assuages symptoms of asthma and wheezing. This is due to the anti-inflammatory compounds in these ingredients that clear the tension in the lungs enabling relaxed flow of oxygen through the blood vessels.


3. Detox

The potent antioxidant substances in ginger honey make an effectual detox. These elements defy the free radicals by cleansing the vital organs like the kidney and liver of harmful toxins, thus, preventing oxidative stress and promoting optimal health.


4. Immunity

Ginger and honey enhance production of white blood cells, improve immunity and owing to their antiviral substances destroy viruses attacking the body.


5. Digestion

The Ginger and honey mixture make an effective digestive aid and helps strengthen a weak digestive system. The potent antioxidant and protein content augment bile secretion, break up fat, and encourages healthy appetite, facilitating better absorption of nutritive substances. Furthermore, they promote the friendly bacteria in the gut regulating bowel movements, expelling gas and thwarts stomach bloating. For symptoms of Amoebiasis, this mixture combined with tamarind and lemon rind proves useful.


6. Painkiller

The ginger and honey concoction possessing natural anaesthetic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory substances acts as a painkiller providing relief from menstrual cramps, migraines swelling and arthritic-related inflammation and pain.


7. Nausea

This wonderful mixture with medicinal properties alleviates symptoms of morning sickness like nausea and vomiting during pregnancy. This also helps with travel related queasiness and defends against motion sickness. Besides this, the syrup also provides relief from post chemotherapy nausea.


8. Heart

The antioxidant elements in the tonic inhibits production and performance of Prostaglandins lipid compounds and helps ease the blood vessels, safeguarding the body from conditions such as strokes, heart attacks and atherosclerosis.


Stay Healthy and Happy!

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