At 65 yrs old, This is the only plant that help my vision, reduce that fat from my liver and cleaned my colon.

People are not actually safe anywhere, they can get ill or even a disease wherever they go. These days, people have been unhealthy and it affects both of their physical appearance and entire health. They don’t usually eat at the right time, as well as the right amount of food, they don’t do exercises which should be the most essential thing to do and people have been stressed by the environment and circumstances that they are in.

People have been searching for some solution to these kinds of problem in order to improve their health condition. They have searching for face masks, treatments for lowering their cholesterol, triglycerides, as well as weight loss and the like.

Nonetheless, beetroot has the ability to assist in these kinds of problems that people often face every day. This type of vegetable can be combined with fruits and other vegetables that can become a great and amazing natural remedy. It can also be made into salad and drinks, too. It contains an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Here is recipe that will actually improve your entire health to the fullest!


3 pieces of beets
2 pieces of onions
Salt to taste
Extra virgin olive oil

Preparation and Consumption:

Prepare a water that contains a salt inside. Peel the beets and put them in the water with salt. Slice the beet into cubes and place it in a pot, then cut the onions and combine it with the beets. Add both of the olive oil and vinegar into the salad.

Consuming this can actually help you in cleaning both of your colon and liver. This salad has the ability to improve your eyesight. It should be taken on a daily basis in order to see the best results.

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