Apple Cider Vinegar for a Gorgeous Glowing Skin

For over thousands of years, ever since the ‘Father of Medicine’, Hippocrates, used vinegar as a therapeutic remedy, the golden liquid has gained immense popularity worldwide, for treating a multitude of diseases. Besides this, the acetic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) has also been effective for other household purposes like cleaning and removing stains.  Nonetheless, do you know that this humble kitchen ingredient can also make a valuable addition to your list of beauty products, that helps keep your skin radiantly soft and spotless? To know more about the benefits of using ACV for skincare, read on …


apple cider vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar for a Gorgeous Glowing Skin



Apple Cider Vinegar makes a natural skincare product due to the presence of skin friendly substances such as Vitamins C, A and B,  boron, iron, copper silicon, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, beta-carotene and heart friendly pectin. These healthy constituents act as a natural tonic, boosting the circulatory system keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized. The potent antioxidants in ACV combat free radical elements in the body, helps eliminate fatty deposits and removes oil deposits and dirt from the skins surface unclogging the pores and stabilizing the pH factors in the body. Besides this, the anti inflammatory and antiseptic combination of ACV safeguards the skin from inflammation, itching, redness, flakiness and peeling, alleviating fungal and bacterial infections.


1. Acne

skin tonerAcne is one of the common factors affecting people of all age groups, especially young adults. This breaks out in the regions of the face, back, chest and neck owing to excessive sebum production in oily skins. One of the best remedies for overcoming this problem is to dab a mixture consisting of four parts water/oregano/tea tree oil to one part apple cider vinegar, on the affected areas, using cotton wads. Rinse after 10 minutes. However, for treating stubborn acne the solution must remain overnight on the skin for better results.


2. Age Spots

For older adults afflicted with age spots, ACV makes an excellent antidote because of ACVs ability to neutralise pH factors in the body. This in combination with the natural enzymes like alpha hydroxy acid help gets rid of age spots. Just dab a solution prepared with equal quantities of ACV and onion juice, on the age spots. Repeat this procedure for several weeks to enjoy desirable results. [Read more: Tips to Get Rid of Age Spots]


3. Skin Rejuvenation

Skin RejuvenationRegular skin exfoliation helps maintain a glowing youthful skin as they remove dead skin cells, oil and dirt accumulated at the topmost layer of the skin revealing super soft skin beneath. Possessing insignificant quantities of lactic and mallic acid along with 5% of acetic acid and alpha hydroxy acids, apple cider vinegar helps skin exfoliation naturally without scrubbing. It creates a natural impact on the skin cells eliminating dead skin cells unclogging the pores facilitating skin rejuvenation. Hence, apply undiluted ACV on the skin and cleanse with water after fifteen minutes to find your skin peeling off naturally exposing a clear radiant skin. [Also read: 3 Neem Facial Masks for Skin Rejuvenation]


4. Sun Burns

ACV with anti-inflammatory, astringent properties coupled with its pH balancing abilities when applied topically, provides quick healing of sunburns. As a quick remedy place an ACV soaked cloth on to the sunburnt regions and allow it to rest until it dries out. Then remove the cloth and moisturise the skin using coconut oil. As an alternative, soak in a tub of water mixed with a cup of ACV or squirt ACV mixed with water from a bottle for relief. [Read more: Remedies for Sunburn]


5. Warts

An excellent remedy for warts, apply ACV and cover it overnight with a band aid. Remove it the next morning. Repeat this procedure for a few weeks until the wart disappears. [Read more: Home Remedies for Warts]


ACV also makes an amazing remedy for treating eczema, fungal, yeast infections, Burns, poison ivy, dandruff, scalp conditions and athletes foot besides others. So grab a bottle of ACV for a gorgeously radiant skin!


Keep Glowing!

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