Amazing Health Tips We Can Learn From Our Forefathers

In recent times, there has been a progressive increase in chronic conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases. There is more emphasis than ever on “family history.” It is common for older folks to discuss their healthy lifestyle choices and describe how much fitter the previous generations were in comparison to people today. You must’ve heard stories about how your grandparents walked many miles to work or school, grew their food themselves, and lived long, healthy lives even without the availability of advanced medical interventions.

The advancements in medical technology have definitely made it possible for us to live longer than our predecessors. However, we can make our lives even healthier if we strike a balance between the lifestyle that our ancestors led and how we live presently. In this article, we present some fantastic tips from our forefathers that could make our lives more robust and holistic.

1. Get Moving: A major reason for not seeing a “family history” of medical conditions in earlier times is that our forefathers were not sedentary for eight hours or more. They spent a large part of the day moving, standing or walking while performing physically challenging tasks.
But they did not term it as “exercise.” For them, it was the way of life. Undertaking regular movements prevents oxidative damage and inflammation. You should find opportunities to move throughout the day, particularly on days that you cannot exercise. It is a good idea to perform low-intensity movements for extended periods, such as taking a brisk walk. You should aim to take 10,000 steps daily. Conversely, do not overdo exercise if you are a gym fanatic. Over-exercising can actually be detrimental.

In case you don’t know much about your ancestors, there are various platforms available to you. You can check out DNA testing reviews for multiple products that can help you trace your forefathers and their lifestyle.

2. Simplify Your Life: Previous generations did not have the same kind of daily stresses as we do. Modern people are on tight deadlines, battling long commutes to work while trying to climb the corporate ladder. But our ancestors did not have these types of pressures, and they weren’t driven by technology 24/7. It is essential to understand when to pull the plug on technology and just relax. If you find that unplugging during a hectic workday isn’t possible, at least try to do this before bedtime and get a good night’s rest. This is one of the best ways to decrease stress and enhance your health!

3. Stay Away from Processed Foods: Our ancestors did not have access to all types of processed foods as we do today. It is crucial to avoid processed, sugar-laden foods to enjoy a healthy and happy life. Make sure you create a grocery list and aren’t tempted to pick up processed foods impulsively. Also, avoid shopping on an empty stomach. You can load up your cart with all kinds of unhealthy foods such as chips, sodas, candy and white foods if you go shopping when you’re feeling hungry. Our ancestors, of course, had no access to such foods which played a huge part in maintaining their health and active lifestyle.

Our ancestors had the wisdom to understand what is right for them. Somewhere down the line with industrialization and other changes, that wisdom seems to be lost. Incorporating these small changes in our lives can ensure that we remain healthy and active throughout our lives. We hope that you found the insights in this article useful! Don’t forget to leave us a comment with your views on re-adopting these healthy habits.

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