Amazing benefits of Pilates

Trends in exercise keep changing. However, Pilates persist to be a favorite workout among celebrities and experienced fitness experts. In fact, one of the most exhilarating features of Pilates is that anybody can do it and also can obtain incredible results out of it. The beauty of Pilates is that it never places any pressure, stress or strain on your body. It is the ultimate form of work out for people who suffer from muscle weakness, joint tenderness and other physical problems.

 Pilates Exercises

Origin of Pilates

Pilates is a fitness exercise that was discovered by Joseph Pilates around 20th century. He was born in Germany. Joseph wished to create a method of exercise where human bodies can travel more efficiently and gracefully throughout the life.  Fundamentally, Joseph combined the body structure of ancient Greeks and the introspective power of the East. Since, the form of exercise that he developed mainly focused on strengthening body and mind, Joseph named his invention as “Contrology”. He strongly believed that both mind and body are allied together. So, he developed Pilates that involves deep concentration, intense stretching and attentive breathing. During World War I, Joseph Pilates used his exercise technique to treat the injured British military soldiers. He utilized the sanatorium bed springs as a support for the injured soldiers in order to amplify their resistance capacity. Current Pilates system coalesce both “conventional” and “modern” techniques together. At present, all over the world, eleven billion people are doing Pilates in fitness centers with the help of specialized instructors.


Health Benefits of Pilates

Pilate ExerciseA total body workout: Some exercise concentrate on strengthening and toning only a specific body part. On the other hand, Pilates provides a wholesome workout for the body. This cannot be achieved through any other forms of workout. Basically, Pilates work in a balanced way to awaken the proper functioning of all the body parts from head to toe. It also increases flexibility and resistance all over the body.


Gentle conditioning: Pilates is an exercise that focuses on total body conditioning in a supple and gentle manner. As a matter of fact, Pilates is very therapeutic. It can be compared with the physical rehabilitation sessions. Numerous physical therapies incorporate Pilates as a form of treatment for injured people. It conditions all the body muscles in an elegant manner that helps you to take pleasure in your day-to-day activities. Moreover, Pilates is an exercise that can be performed by both athletes and elderly people by modifying the intensity levels. Indeed, elderly people can do this exercise in a reclined or sitting position. Several professional sports athletes include Pilates as a vital component of their work out routine to gain more resistance power. Since Pilates is very gentle, there will be no tear or wear on the cartilage and ligaments of human joints, shoulder and knee areas.


Revitalizing body and soul: Pilates mostly focuses on appropriate breathing through slow and steady movement. Hence, you can be in good harmony with your own body. Basically, it teaches you how to control your body, mind and soul at the same time. It purifies your breath in order to perform your movements with utmost efficiency and power. Pilates mainly concentrates on steady movements rather than the number of repetitions. These slow and steady movements calm your mind and pacify your nervous system. Stretching and strengthening of muscles will amplify your blood circulation and beat all your tensions away. Ultimately, you’ll feel healthy and rejuvenated both from inside and outside.


Strengthen your abdomen: Pilates helps to strengthen your core area which includes the abdominal muscles in conjunction with the muscles near the spinal cord. Core strengthening in Pilates is accomplished by joining the chest, shoulder belt and pelvis area together. Women can do Pilates to get back to their shape after pregnancy.


Healthy spine: Pilates offers extra support to your spine. It creates additional breathing space between every vertebral bone. This additional space makes you look taller and offers you a good posture. In fact, Pilates, if performed regularly, will transform your spine from being a rigid bar into a flexible string of gems. Such litheness prevents dangerous spinal injuries, like slipped disks. It also helps you move with more elegance and comfort.


Offers flexibility without strain: Conventional exercises needs weight bearing that mostly results in bulky and dumpy muscles that are susceptible to damage, injury, back pains and neck aches. Pilates lengthens and reinforces the joint movements and muscle flexibility, thus preventing damages and wounds.


Aids in weight loss: Any form of exercise will help you in weight loss if, combined with a healthy diet. Pilates, when combined with proper diet and aerobic exercise can result in weight loss.


Ease stiffness and pain: A proper form of exercise is very important to manage arthritis. Patients who suffer from osteoarthritis will find Pilates as a ‘pain-reliever’ for their muscle stiffness and pain levels. Extending the muscles through Pilates pushes essential nutrients to the tendons which help in maintaining them healthy without any damage. Pilates provokes the fabrication of synovial fluid (the joint lubricant) and stop them from sticking together. Obviously, when blood circulation increases, your back, legs, shoulders and neck gets warmed up. This relieves stiffness and aches from your body.


Helps you to focus: Pilates is a total harmonization of mind, body and soul. Since attentiveness, accuracy, control, flow and appropriate breathing are the vital aspects in Pilates, it automatically amalgamates your mind, body and soul. This helps you to focus better. In addition, it also augments your self-consciousness and self-confidence.


So, what are you waiting for? Start doing Pilates and enjoy the incredible benefits of it!!

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