Alternative Uses of Everyday Kitchen Ingredients

We may all be fascinated by the attractive advertisements and fancy packaging of the plethora of beauty and healthcare products available in the market. The truth however remains that most of these are just marketing gimmicks and not as effective as the stars in the ads profess them to be. You’d be surprised to know that many of your everyday ingredients in the kitchen – common salt, honey, mint leaves, egg, turmeric etc. have magical properties that can do wonders to your skin, health and overall well being.


Kitchen Salt: Home Remedies

The very basic kitchen salt can be used in a number of ways to give you astonishing results.

  • table salt

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    Add a cup of sea salt along with more than a few drops of almond oil in your regular bath water. This will help the body absorb less of water.

  • Rubbing sea salt on the scalp before a head wash will help loosen the dandruff flakes and will let you get rid of it more easily.
  • Tone up your face and dry up that oil! Spray your face with mildly war water with a bit of sea salt added. Pat dry. (More home remedies for oily skin)
  • Massage your face with fine grain salt added to olive oil. It’s a great natural exfoliator.
  • A mix of equal portions of salt and baking soda in water can also be used as a very effective mouthwash.
  • Have puffy eyes after a night of drinking and partying? One tablespoon salt added to a pint of water can help. Just lie down, relax and use pads soaked in the solution to relieve puffiness.
  • After partying hard all night in those killer heels, give your feet the perfect relaxation with hot water with salt added.


Mint Leaves: Home Remedies

Another wondrous ingredient to be found in your kitchen is the magical mint.

  • mint leaves

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    Take a part of fresh mint leaves, two parts of apple cider vinegar and water. Churn around the mint leaves in the blender to get the paste. Mix it with apple cider vinegar and water and let the mixture stand for three days. Strain the mixture on the fourth day and dab cotton balls to apply on skin to get rid of oil and zits.

  • Mint is great to treat blemishes too without going for expensive and potentially harmful beauty treatments. The menthol and menthone compounds help reduce the redness and inflammation of skin. Also working as an astringent, mint takes away the oils harmful to the skin. Mint leaves’ juice mixed with a few drops of lemon juice is great for treating blemishes ad getting rid of the spots.


A few other beauty hacks right there in your kitchen:

You may love coffee for the daily boost it gives to kick start your system. Now you’ll love it even more as it helps you trim down your body too! Used ground coffee beans can help you get rid of that much dreaded cellulite. Rubbing used coffee beans directly over cellulite helps the skin become smoother and lessen cellulite by drawing water from the fat cells and shrinking them.


Dark circles getting you all down? Fight them off with potatoes! Potatoes contain potassium which help reduce dark circles and under eye marks.


Stop popping those sugary mints as an excuse for fresh breath. Even the mints with no or low sugar are no good; try parsley instead- a natural, very effective breath freshener.


Before applying perfume for the evening, apply a very thin layer of Vaseline or olive oil on your skin. Oily skin retains perfume for much longer. You’ll smell great even hours after the party.


An unconventional recipe for great skin is to mash up half a dozen red grapes with white flour and apply the paste to the face. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes and rinse to get dazzling skin.


Go the Cleopatra way! If bathing completely in milk and honey sounds too much of an extravaganza, simply add a couple of cups of powdered milk to your bath along with a decent amount of honey to get silken, smooth skin.


To get astonishingly glowing skin, make a practice of using mashed up cherries and pomegranate seeds as a face mask.

Turmeric along with being one of the healthiest things on Earth is also a natural bleaching agent. Mix 1/4th of a teaspoon of turmeric with half cup of milk and a table spoon of gram flour for better results. Apply the paste daily and let it dry. Clean with cold water. Within a few days, you’ll see visible improvements on the face with spots and blemishes becoming lighter and your complexion getting fairer.


Froth up egg white and apply on the face. Leave to dry and wash with cold water. Avoid hot water with egg as it may result in omelette specks on the face which might become difficult to remove. This will help your skin become clearer and healthier over the time.


A zit popped up just before the big weekend party? Just dab it with a few drops of a nasal spray. It will make the redness vanish and make the stubborn zit miniscule.


These easy beauty tips can help you get fairer, clearer skin, flawless hair and a gorgeous body. However, what really matters along with all these tips and tricks what you feed your body. Take care of your diet, eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Stay away from processed foods as far as possible and make sure to include fruits and seasonal vegetables in your daily diet. And yet along with all these, stay happy and stress free and live up! Your happiness will make your skin radiate like no other cosmetic.


Author Bio:

With an unparalleled passion for health and beauty, Anna Smith, a skin infection professional loves to share tips and tricks and her experience on the same.

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