A drizzle of this oil can help you protect against brain cancer. Must read.

an actually go beyond brain cancer, a diet that is packed with olive oil can assist in maintaining a healthy mental insight, as well as memory intact.

In a study that was published in JAMA Internal Medicine last 2015 have shown that researchers compared the heath of the brain of groups of older people between the ages of 60s to 70s in Spain with an assigned special diet. They have eaten a Mediterranean diet, in addition to either extra daily servings of extra virgin olive oil, which is at least four tablespoon on a daily servings of nuts or a lower fat diet.

The findings have exposed a low-fat diet deteriorated cognitive health; while on the other hand, the nut and oil that is packed in Mediterranean diet have resulted to a steady cognitive health during the study, and after four consecutive years.

Even though memories did not actually improve, there was no important age-related cognitive decline. This recommends that there can be benefits to creating dietary changes in old age that can actually defend against age-related diseases.

Generally, these kinds of findings are encouraging, recommending that there is a connection between olive oil, as well as brain health.

Nonetheless, further research is required to obtain more convincing results. The ingredients that this superfood has protects the brain against inflammation, oxidative stress and even ADDLS, which are proteins that is dangerous to the brain and can result to the beginning of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

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