9 Foods that can worsten hypertension when consumed excessively! Must Read!

Controlling hypertension with a blood pressure reading of or less than 140/90 mm Hg has been recognized as key in lessening the chance for cardiovascular disease. Taking up your prescribed medication if you already have hypertension as well as avoiding the following foods will help you in keeping your blood pressure in check.

  1. Softdrinks

More than salt, added sugars are thought to play a main role in developing hypertension as well as cardiovascular disease. Based on a recent study that was published in the Journal Open Heart, people who have a daily consumption of more than 75 grams of high fructose corn syrup have a 30% greater chance of developing high blood pressure.

  1. Processed Meat

A huge amount of the blood pressure boosting sodium in our diet has come from the pre-packaged foods which include deli and processed meats. Processed meats such as bacon, sausage, ham, baloney, hotdog and many more are cured, seasoned and preserved with salt. The Heart Association have suggested those people who suffer from hypertension to limit the sodium consumption up to 1500mg on a daily basis. A 2 ounce serving of ham contains about 730mg of sodium.

  1. Frozen Pizza

Generally, all types of pizza can be bad for anyone who is controlling their sodium consumption. Moreover, manufactures add more salt and other food additives in frozen pizzas in order to maintain its flavour once it is cooked. One fourth of a frozen pizza contains as much as 500mg. The thicker the crust that it has the more topping you will have and the higher its sodium value will increase.

  1. Chinese Food

The sauces that if often used in Chinese dishes which includes soy sauce, bean paste and teriyaki sauce are packed with sodium.

You can cut the sodium into half by ordering your sauce in the side and then using it cautiously.

  1. Frozen breads and canned biscuits

Trans fats are known as heart unhealthy fats due to its high content of bad cholesterol (LDL) level and it also lowers the good cholesterol (HDL) levels. High LDL levels have been linked with the increased chance of having hypertension and heart disease too

  1. Pickles

Pickling can even create the most harmless vegetables such as cucumber that becomes a sodium sponge. An entire pickle spear contains about 306mg of sodium while an ounce of green olives has 441mg.

  1. Processed Tomato Products

Manufacturers add more salt and other food additives in order to preserve its shelf life which makes it more appetizing. A cup of canned tomato sauce contains 1284mg of sodium while a cup of tomato juice has 653mg.

  1. Excessive Alcohol

Alcohol can be a double edged sword for those individuals who suffer from hypertension. Moderate drinking can possibly lower your blood pressure but drinking excessively can increase the blood pressure

If you will drink, control it. Moderate drinking is 2 drinks per day for men younger than 65 and 1 drink per day for men who are older than 65 and 1 drink per day for women of any age.

  1. Coffee

If you are suffering from hypertension, now is the perfect time to stop your coffee consumption. The Mayo Clinic advises that coffee can lead to intense although temporary increase in blood pressure, even in those people who doesn’t have hypertension. As a matter of fact, individuals who regularly drink coffee and other caffeinated beverages are found to have a higher average blood pressure than those who don’t.

If you are concerned about your own blood pressure, ask your doctor if should lessen or stop drinking coffee and other caffeinated drinks. You can also try to limit your consumption of coffee for just 12 ounce cups on a daily basis.

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