9 Common signs that your partner is thinking of breaking up with you. Must read


Unfortunately, no matter how hard they try, there are times that breakups are really unavoidable. The best that you can only do during those times is to firmly embrace yourself for it. You have to prepare yourself in a physical, emotional and mental level for the upcoming break up. It will hurt you a lot, but at least it doesn’t catch you off guard. It will not leave you the feeling of being disoriented as it would have had you not seen it coming.

Therefore, you have to stay on the top of your relationship. You cannot afford to go on autopilot when it comes to living with your partner in life. In this way, you can always see and notice the changes right away. You will be able to spot the clear signs of heartbreak earlier in order to begin yourself in making adjustments.

Here are some signs that your partner is thinking of dumping you:

He or she has a sudden shift of character

He is no longer acting sweet, caring and a kind of romantic person that he used to be. These days, he seems a little more distant and cold to you. He is always angry over some small thing and he is choosing to be not around with you.

You are the only one left putting all the pieces together

Relationships are about give and take. It’s a two way round. Both of the people in a relationship should be putting just as much into it as if they are getting out of it. If it looks like you are the only who is making an effort lately, then there is something wrong with your relationship.

He or she doesn’t give any importance to your relationship anymore

Anniversaries are not necessary anymore. Birthdays have turned to ordinary days. These little things that you used to hold deep in your heart as a couple are no longer important for him.

People begin to notice that you are having your relationship woes

One of the best ways to tell that there is something in your relationship is when other people start to say something about it. There are times where people needs some perspective of the people that is not involve in your relationship in order to know the real statues of your life. Frequently, your biases and emotions blind you from the truth.

You have fallen into the category of boring relationship

When you have actually fallen into a furrow as a couple, you will eventually suspect that this is not the most sustainable means of carrying out a love affair. Someone is about to get dumped and you can actually expect thing to go on the other way unless you actually shake things up.

He or she no longer invites you to go on a date

If he often spend times with his mates rather than having you with him, there is definitely something wrong with your relationship. He should be the one who wants to spend as much time as possible with you. Therefore, when he begin to go out with his friends and doesn’t invite you out, perhaps, you need to know what is wrong.

You don’t feel like you could trust him anymore

He is acting shaded and you have actually noticed it. There is a sudden change in the air, there is something different. He is no longer giving you a reason for you to trust him. You have felt that he is just going to betray you at some point, and it is just a matter of time before he does.

He or she fights and blames you for his problems

Whenever things go wrong in his life, he always begins to blame you for it. If he is failing at school or having a hard time at work, he is going to use you as an emotional punching bag. It is not fair anymore. You know that this is a great issue that needs to be addressed.

He or she would prefer to be alone than to be with you

He doesn’t like spending time with you anymore. Whenever this situation happens, he begins to question the point of staying in a relationship with you. The end is very near and the both of you actually know it.

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