9 Amazing uses of aspirin that you probably never heard! Must Read!

Aspirin is a common pill which is known around the world globe due to its usage which helps relieve headache, fever and inflammations. If it is taken in a proper way, Aspirin may protect you from a heart attack and even in stroke.

Studies have shown that it can reduce the risk of having an Alzheimer’s disease and some kind of cancer.
Aspirin has salicylic acid which said to be one of its active ingredients that is useful in so many ways. Some of the people were too afraid to take some of it because of the common notion that generic medicine has terrible side-effects. It may not be as safe as prescription drugs, but still can be use and has potential health, beauty and personal benefits.

Here are 9 surprising ways to use Aspirin:

1. Boost the Longevity of your Plants.
Adding some crushed aspirin in water and using this to water up your plants will make it live longer than its usual life. In this reason, your plants will surely not wilt but instead it will be having fresh and bright leaves

2. Will help to Retain your Natural Hair Color.
Our hair is the best asset that we have and most of the people love to them shine brightly and look beautifully. In order to restore your natural hair color, mix eight tablets of aspirin in a cup of fairly warm water and apply this solution on your hair by massaging it along with your scalp. Leave it as is for about 15 minutes.

3. Great for Removing Sweat Stains
For some people, getting rid of perspiration stains from their shirts is a messy thing, but not with aspirin. All you have to do is to crush two aspirin pills and mix it with a half cup of warm water. After doing so, take your shirt and soak it with the finished solution for about two hours. Afterwards, rinse it normally and the stain will be gone eventually.

4. An effective Remedy for treating Hard Calluses
Calluses are literally hard and difficult to get rid of. But with the help of aspirin, those calluses will never burden you again. All you have to do is to crush about six tablets of aspirin and mix into some amount of water and lemon juice. After which, apply the paste in your feet and use a warm clean towel to wrap them up before using a plastic big to cover the towel and your feet. Let these covers stay on your feet for about 15 minutes before finally taking them off. File then the soft calluses using a pumice stone.

5. Will help to Revitalize your Skin
The salicylic acid that aspirin has will help you bring back your skins radiant look by simply getting rid of acne, inflammation of the skin and dead skin cells.

6. Will help in Treating your Acne Problems
Acne is one of the most common problems of people during these days and in order to get rid of them, crush some aspirin pills and mix with warm water. Then, you can now apply the paste on your pimples that will help them to become dry for about 15 minutes. After applying the paste, you can now wash it off with clean and warm water and with soap.

7. Useful in Treating Dandruff
Dandruff is another common problem not only of women but mostly of men. To relieve yourself from dandruff, mix two crushed tablets of aspirin with your regular neutral shampoo. Use this solution and apply to your hair. Leave it for about couple of minutes before washing off with water and your normal shampoo. Your scalp will no longer feel itchiness, dryness and irritated.

8. Effective in getting your Greasy Utensils Clean
In order to make your utensils clean and grease free, all you have to do is to mix some crushed aspirin tablets with fresh lemon juice. Then apply this solution to the greasy pots and clean off the grease and grime in your utensils with ease.

9. Great for Relieving Insects Bites
Using an aspirin is effective in getting relief from the irritation and inflammation caused by insect bites. All you have to do is to apply some water in the place where the insect bite is and rub on some crushed aspirin on it. The irritation, itchiness and redness will be sooth eventually.

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