7 obvious clues of a cheating partner, #2 is so common nowadays!

Popular perception has it that girls are more likely to be suspicious in a relationship. Their investigative skills can rival a detective if they are suspecting their boyfriend to be onto someone else. But cheating is something that both sexes do, and this has been proven, sadly, by the experience of many unknowing exes.

Cheating is unforgivable. It destroys a person’s views about love that may make him or her to always doubt anyone who tries to give them love, evidently, destroying the capability of the person to love whole.

If your significant other is cheating on you, here are signs that might help you determine if he/she is hiding something from you:

1.) Endless Complaints

Do you notice how your partner would always pinpoint on something you’ve done wrong? Even in the smallest things? It’s like they’re waiting or already expecting you to do something wrong and if you do, they’ll make sure they’ll point it out to you. This is just simply to make you think that you also “make mistakes” and inevitably, if your partner cheats, he “makes mistakes” too.

2.) Everyone You Suspect of is “Just a Friend”

Saw him/her being too close? “Just a friend”. Whispering in a private place while laughing? “Just a friend”. Almost saw them kiss? Well surprise surprise! Just a friend too! Do you really buy that excuse? It seems like everyone you can be jealous of is just a friend. But seriously, who touches a “friend” that way?

3.) Asking For Your Schedule Far Too Often

We get that it’s sweet to have him or her very interested with what you’re about to do today. Especially if it coincides with like a week before your birthday or anniversary, you’ll think there’s a surprise waiting. But somehow, if it is relevant or aligned with the other signs, having your partner to reach out for your schedule might be his or her way to avoid being caught since the timing will be you being busy or out of town. Perfect plan eh?

4.) It’s Hard to Communicate

There’s always going to be this barrier. Whether he would always be on the phone or seem uninterested when he or she is with you. It’s like you’re going to start to have the feeling that your partner is only there because he or she has no other choice but to do it. Does that sound familiar to you?

5.) Replies that Seem to Derail the Real Question

Ever asked a question to your partner that wasn’t really answered? Or did you think you had an answer but didn’t really analyse it through that you all you had is actually an empty box? Some people have a talent of elaborating one small thing to make it look whole even though it was just stretched out. These answers are going to be the usual ones you will get if your partner is hiding something.

6.) Your partner keeps his/her phone away from you

The greatest evidence that you can have is his/her phone. Everything you need to know is hidden in the wonders of your partner’s cellphone – all the conversations, photos, and even videos are all kept there. Yes, he/she has the right to have a private life. Still, if you feel that he/she is already doing something fishy and you have a strong feeling about it, better go and feel free to check your partner’s phone.

7.) The Romance is Gone

This is the most obvious one to look for as one of them signs. Have you ever felt this? Like before you came into the picture, he was laughing and having fun with his friends and then suddenly you would show up and it’s all quiet? When the both of you are alone, it’s like he or she doesn’t reach out for a kiss anymore? It just doesn’t feel the same. Like whatever connection that is about to happen to the both of you, you must be the one to spark it1 no initiative from your partner, unlike before.

If so that two or more of these are what your partner is showing, still do look for the other signs. Remember, the one who is going to resolve this is you and your partner so bring up the confrontation. Don’t be afraid to open it up if it’s already bothering you. You have the right to question.

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