8 Mistakes you should stop doing to actually enjoy kissing!

Romance is a tricky thing at first – you never know what’s right for your partner when the passion gets turned up, right? Well, as you lean in to lock lips, keep the top ten “not to do” things while kissing in mind.

1. Getting aggressive with your tongue
Kissing isn’t about trying to stick your tongue down your partner’s throat, so just don’t do it. Use tongue sparingly, and if you have to think about whether or not you’re using too much tongue, you probably are. The answer? Stop thinking so much and let your passion take over!

2. Letting your eyes wander around.
Though it is absolutely acceptable to open your eyes from time to time while you lock lips with your sweetie, it’s a major problem if you are doing it to take in the sights around the room. If he or she happens to have a glance too, you might give the impression you are bored – or worse.

3. Letting Your Hands Wander Too Far
We know that it’s the first kiss and emotions can get really high, but grabbing your partner way too much can really throw off the mood. One suggestion is to just be gentle with your touches, like one hand on the cheeks or in their head.

4. Biting too hard on the lips
Nobody deserves to be bitten on the lips – ever. Yes, you will find occasions when a playful nibble is appropriate, but a full-on chomp on your partner is a no-no until you are absolutely certain it is welcome.

5. Over-thinking it
You can’t plan what’s going to happen step-by-step when you’re kissing someone. Try not to think too hard and go with the flow, as cheesy as that sounds. The moment you start over-analyzing what’s going on is when kissing becomes less fun and more of an awkward, saliva-covered chore. Yeah, don’t think about saliva either.

6. Letting your partner do all the work
Chances are your partner will give you clues to what he or she likes – mirror them. And, once you’ve figured out some of the hot spots, go in search of more.

7. Holding your breath for too long
Your chest may be pounding heavily as you go in for that first kiss, but you’ll probably forget breathing more than anything else when your lips finally make contact with your partner. So breathe, relax, and just take it slow and easy.

8. Letting your mind wander
Sure, it’s easy to get distracted every now and again, but if you start to think about all the things you have to do the next day, your partner might start to wonder what’s making you so distant.

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