7 Essential oils that helps balance hormones and how to use them. Must read!

Hormonal imbalances are usual in both men and women. These goes with severe symptoms which includes fatigue, mood swings, obesity, fertility problems, depression and even insomnia. If it is not treated in time, these kinds of imbalances have the ability to trigger the development of diabetes, as well as cancer.

Try these following oils that can actually treat your hormonal imbalances in a natural way:


Use lavender essential oil in order to balance your hormones, as well as to lessen the cramps during menstrual cycle. This oil is also helpful in women, particularly on their PMS “session,” because it has the ability to lessen stress and soothe discomforts.


Thyme essential oil contains beneficial effect on the production of progesterone. The deficiency of this hormone can lead to depression, infertility and even PCOS.


Your adrenal glands create cortisol that assists you in dealing with negative emotions. Basil essential oil has the ability to improve the response of your body on both physical and emotional stress. Basil extracts soothes stress, exhaustion, sleeping disorders, as well as memory loss, according to researchers.

Clary Sage

Inhalation of clary sage can actually improve the function of your adrenal glands and thyroid hormones. Researchers have said that, “Clary sage oil contains a statistically significant effect on lowering cortisol and it can also act as an anti-depressant in improving the mood.”


Lemongrass essential oil has the ability to improve the secretion of both of estrogen and progesterone that may cause infertility, PMS, and even painful and irregular menstrual cycle. A group of Dutch researchers have discovered that the compounds in lemon peels and lemon essential oil can actually improve the function of your liver, as well as balancing the hormones.


It has the ability to balance the level of testosterones, as well as regulating the hormones in the body. This oil is an astonishing aphrodisiac, and a lot of people are using it in order to treat libido problems.


There are at least 20 million of Americans deals with thyroid malfunction, and about 60% of all of these sufferers doesn’t know their condition. This gland is responsible in every process in the body such as metabolic processes, as well as the temperature of the body. Myrtle essential oil has the ability to enhance the thyroid function, and regulate the function of the ovaries, too.


  • Use coconut oil as carrier oil, and rub the mixture into the affected skin area.
  • Add at least 2 drops of both of clary sage and lavender oil to your regular aromatherapy session.
  • Add about 2 drops of lavender oil and at least 3 drops of clary sage oil to your warm bath in order to soothe PMS symptoms.