6 Signs That You May Need Help Kicking Your Substance Abuse Habit

underage drinkingThere is this wide misconception that a person who is dependent upon or addicted to substances like drugs and alcohol can simply stop when they choose to. Though there are some people who have successfully kicked a bad habit on their own, the percentages are minimal. The problem is that once a person reaches the level of dependency or addiction, they are no longer able to make a choice in quitting as their bodies send signals that they “need” this substance to carry on.


Addiction is a beast of a disease that takes control of not only the body, but the mind. It can make it increasingly hard for a person to recognize the signs and stop using the substance. If it is not treated timely, it can also lead to serious health complications including the possibility of death.


Help is Available

If you’ve had a recent problem with abusing substances, getting help is the best way to achieve sobriety. Rehab facilities such as Sandy’s Place offer customized treatment options for abusers and addicts looking to make a change for the better. With programs that include therapy, group sessions, and extracurricular activities, you are sure to find a suitable facility to guide you down the path to sober living.


But how do you know if you need help? Here are six signs to consider:

1. Substances Have Become Your Coping Mechanism

When you’re feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed, do you find that the best way for you to unwind is to drown out the emotion with substances like alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs? If this has become your way of getting away from it all to cope with life’s event’s you need to get help with the matter. The problem with using substances to cope is that it is only temporary and you’re not dealing with the underlying cause.


2. You’ve Started Using More and More

Has your one or two glasses of wind after a work day turned into a bottle of wine and a shot of vodka? Have you gone from smoking a joint on the weekends to smoking on the daily basis? If so, these are signs that your body has developed a tolerance. This means that in order to feel high, drunk, or numb you have to consume more and more substances. With a developed tolerance comes dependency and next comes addiction.


3. You’ve Tried to Quit Before With No Success

Sometimes you realize your increase in substances and you try to back off before things get worse. However, if you’ve tried to go a day or two without drinking or using drugs and slipped back into the bad habits just days later, you may need help quitting. Your body feels like it needs the substances and as such you’ll give in and start using again.


4. Your Habit is Causing Financial Strain

The cost of a bad habit like drinking or using drugs can really add up. If you find that you’ve started taking money from your household budget to fund your habit, you really need to consider getting help. As you’re going to do whatever it takes to continue your habit, you could end up in dire straits. Some even find that they resort to asking to borrow money from family members, taking out loans to cover their bills, and even illegal acts like stealing in order to fund their habit. Not only will this lead to strained relationships but it can also lead to another layer of stress as your financial status continues to plummet.


5. Professional and Personal Relationships Ruined

When you’ve reached a point of substance abuse or addiction you will find that your personal and professional relationships can become strained. Often you will begin losing interest in activities that once interested you, you’ll lose focus, and this can make for poor work ethic and poor communication within your family. If you have an increasing amount of relationships that are ruined, you may want to get help so that you can try and rebuild those relationships once you’re feeling better.


6. Deteriorating Physical or Mental Health

Depending on what your substance of choice is, trying to kick the habit on your own can lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. This can include anything from a fever and body aches to severe vomiting and trembling, and hallucinations. If you’ve experienced any of the above, you need to immediately contact your doctor and receive a recommendation to a rehab facility as withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be deadly.


Life can certainly get the best of a person. It can cause you to indulge in things that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. While you may feel ashamed or embarrassed to come forward about your struggle with substance abuse or addiction, it is in your best interest. Getting help from your doctor or a trusted rehab facility is the best option you have for kicking the habit and learning the coping skills necessary to take life by the horns. If you’ve recognized any of the above signs in yourself or someone you know, act immediately as the sooner you get treatment, the sooner you can get back to an improved quality of life.

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