5 Simple exercises that will help you transform your body in weeks!

Exercising is a very healthy way to start anyone’s day. It gives you that fuel up that you need to give your day a quick jumpstart. Regardless of age, body type and gender, basically, everyone needs exercise. Exercise is a great assurance that you keep all of your muscles healthy.

The way you metabolize any excess fat is a good way to make sure that all of your systems are indeed properly working. Although some do not get around the actual stage of exercising, there are some who wish to get themselves in the proper pathway.

Here are five exercises that will surely help you get on track.

1.) Plank
Planks are very easy to hear yet they can be very difficult to do. Other workout routines can be repeated for as much as 50 times or even 250 repetitions yet, planks can only range from doing seconds to a few minutes. Planks will strengthen your abdominal area, arms and legs, all at the same time while you do it.

2.) Squats
Squats are great exercises for the hips. It makes sure that your legs are definitely toned and muscular for any type of load work you plan to have. You have to do it properly of course. You need to make sure that your body is straight as you bend your knees and carry the weight that you have.

3.) Bird Dog
This position is like the planks. The exercise will surely rev up your arms, legs and abdominal area. The position is facing down and try to “reach” for stretching. The repetitions will be good for 10s and then gradually increasing them

4.) Hip Raises
This exercise focuses on the arms, legs and abdominal area. It can also affect the chest area. Just lie down and lift your hips and do this repeatedly. It is very easy yet works up a lot of muscle.

5.) Push-ups
Push ups works for your chest and arms. Especially the arms, the push ups are designed to challenge your biceps. Make sure to do this properly and make your body straight.

The repetitions of these exercises should not be in great numbers for first timers. It is nice to start by 5s for each and then increasing in to 7, 10, 12, 15, 17 and then 20. Once in 20s, you can add by 5s and then once you reach 50, you can add by 10s and then add as much repetitions as you can.

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