5 Outstanding Benefits of Rock Salt

“Without salt the feast is spoiled”

-Polish Proverb

This is true since food sans salt is unpalatable to the taste buds.  However, apart from adding taste to the most insipid food, salt enhances health by offering important minerals and other compounds.  In this article, let us look into five of the most outstanding benefits of Rock salt, popularly known as the simple table salt that we use in our day-to-day lives.


What is Rock Salt?

Rock salt or “halite,” is a colourless mineral variety of sodium chloride with NaCl as its chemical formula.  Although colourless or white in form, they also appear in shades of grey, yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, dark blue or light blue that is dependent upon the extent of the adulteration.


Rock Salt

Rock Salt Formation

Rock salt forms largely in parchment areas in underlying ocean beds due to geological modifications in the earth.  These leave behind massive sediments through evaporation of seawater (salty water) that comprises of softened Na+ and Cl- ions.

Rock Salt Formation


Rock Salt Properties

Unlike the processed table salt unprocessed Rock salt, is the purest free of chemical constituents and contamination.  It consists of naturally occurring substances such as sulphate and magnesium, in addition to copper, potassium, zinc, iron calcium essential for sustenance.  The human body needs ninety-two trace minerals for effective functioning of the body with salt providing eighty-four vital minerals.


Rock Salt Benefits

The constitution of minerals present in Rock salt is akin to all the vital minerals and other substances present in small quantities in the human body. Furthermore, due to easy absorption of the mineral it helps internally facilitating cellular activity, stabilising the body’s pH factor, offering electrolytes and improving immune, respiratory circulatory health.  Thus, salt is essential for both a healthy and alert mind and body, besides offering external benefits for skin.  Indians recognised the curative properties of this essential mineral and henceforth has used it in the holistic approach of Conventional Indian Medicine.

1) Rock Salt Strengthens the Bones

Since the bones contain twenty seven percentage of salt, unrefined Rock Salt containing bone strengthening minerals such as calcium, also improves bone density owing to the presence of magnesium and phosphorous.


2) Rock Salt for Cancer Prevention

Salt enhances circulatory health by enabling smooth flow of blood in the body thus keeping it oxygenated.  Therefore, according to Researchers, Salt is a major ingredient to protect the body from cancer.  This is chiefly due to the inability of the cancer cells to survive in an oxygenated atmosphere.


3) Rock Salt for Digestive Health

Rock salt encourages digestive health by acting as an appetizer and enabling regular bowel movements. It helps keep the digestive tract clean reducing acidity and other gastric troubles.

 Rock Salt for Digestion

4) Rock Salt for Respiratory Health

Rock salt manages to eliminate mucus by destroying the lingering bacteria from the respiratory tract.  Thus, it clears the respiratory system alleviating symptoms of respiratory disorders such as common cold, asthma, ear infections and sinus inflammation.

Cold and Flu


5) Rock Salt as a Stress Buster

A main stress buster burning rock salt lamps and candles triggers the flow of oxygen thereby lifting spirits and boosting mood.  By stabilising the melatonin and serotonin hormones, Rock salt keeps nerves calm making the mind relax.


Apart from these benefits, Rock salt offers other important benefits and uses.  Nevertheless, always remember that moderation is the key word, for too much of it can lead to other complicated health problems!

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