5 Best Fruits for Weight Loss

For many people across the globe, losing a few pounds and getting their body back in shape would be anything short of a miracle. Despite the launch of diet pills and other products aimed at people looking to shed a few pounds, when it comes to weight loss, nothing is quite as effective as regular exercise combined with a diet filled with fresh fruits green vegetables. Talking of fruits, several Nutritionists suggest taking four or five servings of fruits as part of a healthy diet plan for weight loss that can provide positive results. Therefore, let us look at a list of fruits that prove effective for weight loss.

 foods for weight loss

Fruits for Weight Loss
Apples for Weight Loss

Apples, especially the green variety are an excellent source for losing weight.  With loads of antioxidants, apples help keep diseases at bay. They contain roughly 80 calories, 3 gramsof fibre and zero fat.  Since Apples contain pectin, a soluble fibre, which gives them the crunchy texture, indirectly help weight loss preventing the urge for unhealthy snacking. This element contains high amounts of water helping the body flush out the harmful toxins. Besides this the substance, promotes digestive health, helps absorb excess fat, reduce blood glucose levels, regulates fats, improves cholesterol levels and helps repress appetite. Therefore, eating an apple before a meal, can great help cut down food intake largely.

apples for weight  loss


Avocados for Weight Loss

The most superior fruit to combat weight lossavocados, packed with monounsaturated fatty acids increase metabolism, one of the crucial factors for weight loss. This gives a feeling of fullness resisting the urge for frequent snacking providing a balanced eating pattern. The luscious fruits also contain potassium, which helps cut down body fat, as Potassium removes excess fluid and breaks down food to energy. Besides this, avocados also eliminate excess fluid retention from the body and help reduce body fat via L carnitine, an amino acid which speeds up the fat burning process.

 avocado for weight loss

Bananas for Weight Loss

According to popular belief, bananas are fattening and most people stay out of them for fear of putting on weight. However, according to recent research they contain a special kind of starch called “resistant starch” which actually boosts the fat burning process, repressing appetite. Besides, they are a nutritious powerhouse offering ample quantities of fibre and potassium combined with 75%, water.

 banana for weight loss

Lemons for Weight Loss

Lemons with their alkalizing effect make excellent liver detoxifiers.  They get rid of toxins or undigested matter from the body. Lemons enriched with vitamin C helps maintain healthy cholesterol by removing bad cholesterol. They enhance digestion and appetite, thereby leading to healthy weight loss.

Lemon for weight loss
Pineapples for Weight Loss

Pineapples are nutrient rich comprising of vitamins, fibre, enzymes, antioxidant, calcium, manganese, potassium and vital minerals. Since they are fat and cholesterol free, consisting of 85% water, 40 calories, combined with diuretic and cleansing properties, they make ideal fruits for weight loss. Moreover, Vitamin C and Pectin in pineapples prevent bloating of stomach and accelerate digestion. They contain, bromelain, an enzyme, that helps digest the hard proteins keeping the stomach full for a long time thus reducing the urge for unhealthy eating.

Pineapple for Weight Loss

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