4 Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Juices for Weight Loss

Fruit and vegetable juices are not only delicious and nutritious drinks but are also the secret behind easy and effective weight loss. Certain juices with their high antioxidant contents and weight loss properties are a must have for every dieter or weight watcher. Here are some such weight loss propelling fruit and vegetable juice.


1. Tomato juice for weight loss

 Tomato Juice Benefits

Tomato juice is packed enriched with malic acid and potent antioxidants like vitamin C and A. These help to eliminate harmful free radicals from the body, propel natural detoxification of the systems and improve metabolism. It is a low calorie juice which helps to control blood sugar levels, restrict bad fat deposition in the body and reduce appetite. Tomato juice is a delicious drink which if consumed regularly helps to cleanse and energise the body and promote weight loss and stamina effectively.


2. Spinach juice for weight loss

 Spinach Juice

Low calorie juice from dark green leafy vegetables like spinach is highly nutritious and triggers weight loss. A storehouse of vital nutrients like iron, folate, magnesium, calcium and fibres, spinach juice helps to flush out toxins from the body systems and cleanse the intestinal tracts. It reduces appetite and sweet cravings while keeping one feel full. It helps to energise and revitalise the body and thus leads to a healthy and effective weight loss for weight watchers.


3. Grapefruit juice for weight loss

 grapefruit juice

Citrus fruit like grape fruit juice is an excellent weight reduction agent. 8 ounces of grapefruit each day helps to improve metabolism, eliminate fat, restrict the enzymes that are responsible for fat and carbohydrate storage in the body thereby trigger effective weight loss. Grapefruit juice itself is low on calories and sodium content and hence is the ideal choice for dieters and calorie conscious individuals everywhere.


4. Pomegranate juice for weight loss

 pomegranate juice

Dark coloured juices like pomegranate juice contain high amount of antioxidants that can speed up and ease the waste loss process Enriched with essential nutrients, this powerful drink takes care of the nutritional requirements of the body well, increases stamina and boost energy. (Also read: Health Benefits of Anar) It thus provides all the internal support to the body needed during the weight loss process. It also helps one to exercise better and burn more calories to eliminate unwanted fat. Pomegranate juice is the tasty and a convenient way for individuals to fight body weight effectively.

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