35 Simple Tips to Lose Weight and Remain in Perfect Shape

weight loss tipsWeight loss is a daunting task. With eating less and working more, being the main mantra, this ultimately leads to despair, dejection and depression at failed attempts, for many if not for all. However, there are many ways where one can achieve this objective without having to starve and being deprived of vital nutrients besides engaging in rigorous workouts that leaves one devoid of energy. All that is required to effortless reach that long term goal is just a little bit of grit and determination. Here are thirty-five simple tips to lose weight and to remain in perfect shape.


  1. Exercise regularly. Practice Yoga, meditation or walk for thirty five to forty minutes. This not only helps lose weight but promotes optimal health too.
  2.  Drink lemon water or take it combined with honey first thing in the morning. The high levels of pectin in lemon prevent food cravings and taken with honey they produce an alkaline effect that helps weight loss. Read more: Honey and lemon water for weight loss
  3. Drink eight to ten glasses of water everyday. Take a glass of water half an hour before every meal to avoid consuming more calories.
  4. Follow a healthy eating routine.
  5. Avoid skipping breakfast as it leads to a tendency to pile up extra calories at the next meal.
  6. Serve food on plates from the kitchen instead of doing so from bowls and platters on the dining table.
  7. Take invigorating soups as water rich foods such as cucumber reduces calorie intake and rid the body of excessive fluids.
  8. Eat slowly by chewing the food well.
  9. Put down the fork or spoon between bites.
  10. Resize food portions and take small portions six times a day instead of three large meals.
  11. Take plenty of fresh fruits, veggies, green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fibre and lean protein.
  12. Munch on vegetables like carrot, cucumber or tomatoes to alleviate hunger pangs.
  13. Avoid fruit juices as they are laden with sugar instead opt for fruits.
  14. Cut down on white foods such as sugar, salt and white flour as they affect blood sugar levels leading to weight gain.
  15. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and soda as they consist of empty calories that affect blood sugar and hormone levels in the body.
  16. Avoid junk and unhealthy processed food with zero nutrients.
  17. Learn to read and understand labels in packaged food.
  18. Avoid foods loaded with saturated and trans fatty acids.
  19. Eat foods containing monounsaturated and polyunsaturated healthy fats.
  20. Avoid carbs/fruits after 2.00 pm
  21. Stop unhealthy snacking and instead of reaching for package food opt for a handful of unsalted nuts that provide healthy fats.
  22. Drink green tea as it contains healthy compounds that improve metabolism and helps burn fat. Read more: benefits of green tea for weight loss
  23. Stay away from artificial sweeteners as they increase the weight.
  24. Avoid eating out as far as possible.
  25. Take home cooked food prepared with utmost care and healthy options.
  26. Do not stock high calorie food such as cookies, crispies, chocolates and other munchies at home to avoid temptation.
  27. Check weight once a week.
  28. Avoid eating in large groups that require spending more time at the table.
  29. Brushing the teeth after every meal, especially after dinner signals to the brain, owing to the minty freshness that it’s well past mealtime.
  30. Use a pedometer to keep track of the number of steps taken each day.
  31. Transform social outings to fun filled ones with activity. For instance, instead of going to watch films, munching on popcorn and drinking colas, take trips to parks or beach that demands to be active.
  32. Take a short walk before dinner to suppress appetite.
  33. Look at the colour blue as it works as an appetite suppressant. Or better still consume food from a blue plate.
  34. Avoid stress.
  35. Get seven to eight hours of sleep.

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