3 Natural Hair Masks to Prevent Hair Fall

hair fallHair loss could be caused by several reasons such as improper and unhealthy diet, not taking the proper care of hair, irregular hair washing routine, using hair care products with harmful chemicals, hormonal imbalance etc. If you are suffering from hair loss and have tried many different hair care products without any benefit, here are some home based all natural solutions that would surely not only help reduce the hair fall but will improve the quality of hair without any side effects or risk associated with it. All the ingredients used in these homemade hair masks are easily available in the kitchen and the best thing about them is that they are completely safe and will not cause any harm.


1. Fenugreek and Curry Leaves for Hair Fall

fenugreek seeds for hairTake 2 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and 5-6 curry leaves in a bowl. Now add half cup of water in the bowl and let it soak for 5-6 hours. Once the fenugreek become soft, blend it in a blender and make sure you blends it really well. Blend it until it forms a super smooth paste. For extra nourishment, you can add one tablespoon of yoghurt and honey into the paste. The more you grind the finer the paste will be and it will be easier to rinse it off from head. Apply the paste all your scalp and make sure all the scalp surface is covered with good amount of paste. Leave this on for around 25-30 minutes and then wash it off with regular shampoo. Fenugreek is a miracle product for your hair, it will help stop hair fall completely and that will help you grow longer thicker shiner hair. Repeat it twice a month for better results.


2. Onion and Egg yolk Mask for Hair Fall

Onion Juice for Hair Growth

If you are suffering from severe hair fall and baldness issue then try using onion juice mixed with egg yolk on your scalp. Peel one onion and blend it in a blender. After blending it, put the blended pulp in a strainer to extract its juice using a spoon. Add one egg yolk and 2 tablespoon of honey into the mixture. Mix everything well, you can also add olive oil into the mixture if your hair length is longer. Apply this paste all over your scalp and strands. This recipe will not only stop hair fall, but it will also make your hair shiny and will improve hair growth process. [Also read onion juice for hair growth]


3. Hibiscus and Olive Oil Mask for Hair Fall

Hibiscus leaves for hairHibiscus, known for its super effective of treating various hair problems including hair loss, and so used in many hair care products available in the market. If you are suffering from hair loss problem then you can make your own hair mask using grind hibiscus leaves. Take a handful of hibiscus leaves in a bowl and add olive oil into it. Also add 2 drops of tea tree essential oil for extra benefits. Grind this mixture in a grinder so that the leaves form a smooth consistent paste which can be applied and rinsed easily.  Apply it all over your head covering each strand. Allow it to stay for few hours and then rinse with mild shampoo. Repeat it 2-3 times a month for best results. This mask will not only stop hair fall problems in few washes but will improve the hair growth process.

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