20 Things Women Need To Know About S*x While On Period. Read This!

Menstruation among women is natural and should never be a source of shame. However, let’s face it, it sucks. It is painful, uncomfortable and real messy.

Despite the various remedies in the market that is believed to help you get through that time of the month, no one can deny that it doesn’t always work for everyone and some have it worse than others. However, there is a tried and tested method that makes it more than bearable but fun too. Unbelievable right? Carry on reading.

1. The mood swings, the cravings, the cramps, menstruation makes women uncomfortable. Women wouldn’t opt for it if given a chance.

2. We need to break the idea that women need to shy away from menstruation. The body of a women is beautiful and menstruation is part of nature.

3. Women have so much to deal with when that time of the month comes, starting from premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, fatigue, cravings, irritability, that’s all too much.

4. Menstrual cramps may occur before the actual menstruation, take medication or use heat pads to ease the pain.

5. Women can combat PMS by making themselves feel better through yoga or exercise.

6. Every month is different from the other, sometimes some symptoms are worse than the previous ones. Natural foods help both the cramps and the state of mind.

7. Couples may feel deprived during that time and intimacy is out of the question, resort to cuddling instead.

8. Despite being taught to be on high alert once women are on their red days, men should note that the feelings don’t fade, be yourselves and find a way to get through the painful time with her.

9. Again, feeling deprived of sexy time during her period? Worried about staining the sheets with blood? Go wash them afterwards, having sex during her period is actually safe and okay.

10. It’s just blood, you may not believe this, but the blood may actually serve as natural lubrication. If it still grosses you out, try by doing it in the shower.

11. Women on periods experience higher libido on the third day due to higher estrogen levels making orgasm easier.

12. Never thought you could actually do something for her? Make her orgasm and the PMS and cramps are relieved.

13. Ladies, do not shy away from the blood. Intercourse is an exchange of fluid, what’s a little blood?

14. There are a few resorts just in case you really feel uncomfortable. Try making him wear a condom, or use a menstrual cup or female condom, either way try by making the first step.

15. Use gravity to your advantage and make the blood flow slow down. You can also try missionary style.

16. Some have claimed that intercourse makes the uterus contact more meaning doing it in her period can make the blood flow faster shortening the length compared to the usual. If not, you may also opt for doing it when the period is almost done and the blood flow is lighter.

17. Note that using regular tampons during intercourse is not suggested, there are cups specifically made for that purpose.

18. The sexual romp may be considered taboo. However, it will surely heighten the arousal you two may be feeling.

19. Use condom if you are not in a monogamous relationship to avoid risks of passing STD through unprotected sex.

20. Have fun, savor the moment. But also take into consideration that the chance of getting pregnant is still there due to overlapping of menstruation and ovulation.

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