15 Signs that your partner is thinking of cheating on you.

Being in a relationship is not about fun and games and not everyone is fortunate in finding their true love on their first attempt. More often, you have to deal with a lot of heartbreaks and deception, whether you believe it or not, everybody experiences to be with a difficult partner at least once in their life. A person is considered as coon until he or she is dating at least different partners at the same time.

Here are the signs that will help you to know if your partner wants to cheat on you:

The disappearance

They often disappear without letting you know about it.  There are times where the both of you are so happy and comfortable with each other and the next morning, you will just eventually notice that they are gone. It’s not like they can’t have their freedom or to be with other people, but you will know that your partner suddenly disappear without even an obvious reason.

They would be unreachable for several hours or even days and when they come back and you confront them, they will just make lame excuses that you will not even understand. The worst part is that, they will simply act as if nothing happens and would be least concerned about your uneasiness.

Checking the phone too often

You fill usually find them checking their phone way too much that they used to. They will even avoid picking up some calls in front of you and will change their passwords more frequent. They will eventually get defensive if you will check or take their phone from them and the typical parade of “you don’t trust me enough to leave my phone alone” will carry out.

This is a basic sign of a person who either wants to cheat or is already cheating in you. You know that they are active in all of their social media accounts but they don’t seem to text or message you that much.

They come home angry or irritated

They enter the house and everything suddenly seems to become annoying to them. Even your presence while waiting for them does not refresh any feelings or affection towards you. It seems like they just want to go back where they came from or just run away from this home, as well as you because they simple hate it all.

Coming home angry, which is not related from work is not fine at all. It could also indicate that they are doing something that they shouldn’t be distracted that is why they are being angry to throw you off track.

Spending too much time in the bathroom

It’s not what you think. They spend a lot of time in the bathroom simply because they want to be alone and they want to go somewhere away from you. Spending too much time brushing the teeth or taking a really long baths only shows that they want to stay away from you as long as possible without making it too obvious. If they are already cheating on you, then they usually take long frequent showers in order to remove any unrecognizable scent.

This is also another way of feeling less guilty about their actions because water cleanses ability and it might also wash away their sins.

They try their best to avoid meaningful conversations

You are beginning to get the silent treatment from them. They are not concerned about the future of your relationship anymore and every time that you want to have a conversation which is related to the both of you, they are trying their best to either divert it or ignore it completely.

They don’t want to talk that much about anything anymore and you will find them silent more than the usual. The this is that they don’t want to share too much with your, they don’t want to be closer to you and don’t want that to happen.

All they want for you is to leave them alone and not to ask anything about them because they are not yet ready to answer in any case.

Sleeping earlier than before

They begin sleeping way earlier than they usually do. One of the reason is to avoid having sex and the other is to avoid a good, long conversation because they just simply don’t want it to happen. Yes, getting a free sex is a win-win situation but they are too guilty to take the advantage.

They are already interested in someone else and they don’t want to do things and make some efforts because they don’t want to give you an idea that your relationship is going strong. It is just a natural thing for couples to become closer at night when there is intimacy and no worries about the work of each other. They will fall asleep way before their usual routine in order to avoid you.

There are frequent fights over the slightest provocation

They used to be so calm and understanding before, but there they are fight on the minutest provocation. They don’t need any reason to fight with you but seeing you or being with your presence is already enough to trigger their rudeness.

They literally don’t care about what they say when they are angry and don’t think about your feelings when they begin to talk their mind.

They start partying way too much

The sober kind and serious partner that you have suddenly become a party freak. They don’t usually go to clubs with you before but now, they usually go home drunk. They like to party a lot because they can find and meet new people and that is the most obvious reason of cheating on you.

They don’t actually care about what you think because as long as they are away from you and surrounded by drunk people, life is all fine and happy for the. This way, people will see them and they will try to hit on them and that is where cheating will enter.

The idea of threesome is born

Out of the bounds things in your relationships should be tried now. They will often talk about a third partner for a wild night and they will keep on insisting about thinking things out of the bound without even considering your opinions about it. This is the safest and most reliable way of cheating for them.

You are allowing them to cheat on your with someone else and the worst part is that you will even be a very meaningful participant in it. They don’t need to go beyond your back because the can already do it in front of you.

The affection fades away

They became rude all of a sudden. There are times that all you need is the kinds and affection of your partner. If they stopped being affectionate with you, then there is something wrong about your relationship. If they can see that you are already getting hurt, they will not feel any pity for you and they don’t even care anymore.

Gentleness is really essential in any relationship and if they can’t be gentle towards you and your feelings, then it is already a clear sign that they are not into you anymore and their feelings starts to fade.

They stopped giving you praise

No matter how hard you try on making yourself the best partner, they will not praise you. There will be no more times that you will be spoiled by them. They don’t even notice that you look different with your hair cut today.

They are the least bothered about your appearance now and the fact that you are doing it for them is not important. They don’t want to give you any reason to hold on to them because when the moment that you became tired of all of it, you will eventually dump them.

They want to make sure that everything is convenient for them and they will not get the blame before leaving you in the end.

He checks out other girls in front of you

They doesn’t care that you are with them when they are about to check other girls. It is true that every kind checks on other girls when they are in a relationship but that usually doesn’t mean anything and just a simple habit.

But if he usually check other girls’ right in front of you, then it is already obvious that he wants to cheat on you. He doesn’t care how bad will you fell and because you are not the prettiest girl in the world for him anymore.

They flirt even when you are around

If you are already committed to each other, then flirting will be considered as cheating. If you are with your partner of not, it is not a right to check on someone and start to flirt with them. Flirting while their partner is around will just hurt them badly and they seem not to be affected about it.

It is the best to leave them alone and because you don’t deserve someone better who will be contended of having you and not flirting with other girls.

They come home too happy

Even this reason can be dangerous because of they are usually bored with your company but comes home with a happy and amused face, then it is possible that they have been enjoying someone else’ company. They stay quiet when they are with you, sleep early and fight with you more often and suddenly goes home with a happy face, and then it is already a sign.

Being in a relationship requires attention from both sides; maybe you are not just attractive enough to provide all of their needs and to begin noticing before you lose your partner.

They find new hobbies

Do not forget that couples try a lot of things together as a couple and do a lot of hobbies. If they don’t include you on their hobbies these days, then it is a sign of cheating. If they want to go to new places with you and if they meet new people without you presence is a way looking for someone else new.

Just remember that we are already in the 21st century and you are not a damsel in distress who cannot figure things out easily, you need to fight for you right and know if the relationship that you are in is worth it or not.

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