12 Early Signs of prostate cancer that every guy needs to know!

As stated by the World Health Organization, prostate cancer is one of the most common reasons behind the death among men.

Unluckily, in several cases, the symptoms of prostate cancer only show in its early development. This kind of cancer has different symptoms for each man, therefore, never think about the possibility that some of these symptoms are just caused by other diseases.

It is really necessary, most especially for men at the age of 50 and more, to undertake medical examinations in order to figure out possible problems in their bodies.

Protect yourself and check out these signs and symptoms in order to avoid further complications.


1. Numerous needs to urinate particularly in the evening.

2. Experiencing difficulties in urinating especially in the standing position. There is also trouble in the beginning and the ending of the urination process.

3. Reduced flow of urine and also there is changes in its color.

4. A scorching feeling while urinating.

5. A hostile sensation at the start of the urination process.

6. Pain or numbness that happens in the hips, thighs, legs and lower back.

7. Pain in the bones that can also lead to breakages.

8. Uneasiness as well as inflammation in the legs or pelvic area.

9. Problems with ejaculation. Experiences pain while ejaculating.

10. Powerlessness or Erectile Dysfunction.

11. Urine contains blood. (Haematuria)

12. Semen contains blood. (Hematospermia)

Put in mind that you need to visit your doctor if you experience any of these given signs and symptoms.

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